Accident Agent Standing -2

I am a returning newbro. I have been blitzing lvl 4 missions for the first time and I declined too many missions in a row without noticing the agent’s effective standing. My corp standing is at .94 and my faction standing is at 6.08 (after skills). The agent standing is at -2.24. Does this just mean I am out of luck and can never get a level 4 mission from that agent again? I tried raising my corp standing but it had no effect. I have read a lot on eve university but they don’t really seem to talk about agent standing being a blocker so I am confused.

You can speak with us at USIA and we can fix that for you and get you access back to that agent

Before you speak with us, how is your social skills?

Correct, you have to get someone else to run missions for that specific agent for you and share standing rewards to repair your standing.

The USIA is an organization that offers this sort of service (and more).


This is not completely right: You can’t fix it alone. But you can join accepted missions of other players in a fleet and “repair” your standing this way - that’s how USIA or just friends and corpmates can help.


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