How to increase standings aside from doing missions

So I want to run L3 missions with Calgary, but my standing is only 0.98, so any ideas how to increase the standing by a lot so I can run L3? thx.

also I don’t really want to grind L2 or L1 missions so how do I raise my standing without doing those?

Contact united standings improvement agency. We’ll do the work for you.

Other than us doing it. Grinding L1 and L2 is the only way. Also your social skill helps with giving more standings, and connections skill modifies your standings to be higher than your base standings.

When it comes to us, for less expensive you’ll want your connections as high as you can (assuming you are alpha, that is connections 2)

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Also there is some booster that increases standings gains, though it is very expensive and rare if I recall correctly.

There are 3 sets of career agents for each empire - each set of missions will give you 7.5% standing boost with the empire. Running the SOE Epic Arc is worth about 8% standing with the empire of your choice. You should also train the social skills - social and connections.

just runt l1 then l2 distribution agents missions for a day or two and you will get enough standings to run L3.

wait you have a company that does these kind of things??

I can do career agents with ANY faction? thats cool. I guess I can do that thx

okay this also sounds simple enough, I will try this. thx!

USIA has been running for 12 years in some form or fashion. It’s much easier to pay to let us grind you up, by us running L4’s and L4 burners, and much quicker as well.

Career agents and the SOE arc does not do corp/agent standings however… only faction. But if you get faction standings high enough at 3.00 effective (with connections to modify the standings) and with you having social skill up as high as you can, that can speed things up.

If you have 0 faction standings for any of the 4 empires when you do the career agents, you’ll only see a .75 increase in your faction standings, per group of agents. so if you do all 3 schools for gallente for example
your first school with give you .75 standing with Gallente Federation
second school will give you 1.44 standing
3rd school will leave you at 2.08
Your social skill will impact how much standing you gain per level
and once you are at 2.08, training connections L3, will put you at 3.08 in faction standing, give you the entire corporation list for Gallente to run missions for.

If you are an alpha clone, numbers are subject to be slightly different since you can only train Social skill to 3, and connections to 2…
doing the SOE arc, you will only receive 8.05% compared to 8.75 as an omega at level V

ahh I see, so if I do all the career agents and do SOE again, I would have like 3.06 standing even without connections and social skills.

oh also, does doing faction war increase standings? because I see im losing standing with gallente, not sure if I gain some with caldari.

you will gain standings with caldari faction, and the npc corp you are in, and you will lose standings with gallente… to maintain gallente standings find agents in caldari space and run missions/storyline missions or you can hire USIA to quickly raise our gallente standings back up. Diplomacy skill works similar to connections, so it will modify negative standings only up to 0.00

Doing the career agents, if you have Alpha maxed your Social an Connection skills, you should have >4.0 in standing with the career agent’s corp by the end, which has many distribution agents you can take missions from. And that is way enough to pick level 3 distribution agents from that school corp (beware, some are located close to low sec systems that may send you there, so pick your level 3 and 4 distribution agents carefully). If distribution missions is considered a good option, then working for the career agents’ corps should be considered a good option. They work the same as any other corp, LP store included. Some of these school don’t have any storyline agents (State War Academy don’t, while University of Caille does), but like with any other corp, you’ll be assigned a storyline agents from any corp of that faction after 16 missions. Again, they work the same as any other corp.

I don’t see it mentionned here, but there is another (costly) way to do it, and it is by giving some pirate tags to some agents. These “missions” are called Data Centers. Be sure to have the tags with you before talking with the agents, as there is a time limit for turning in the tags, and you can only do it once for each agent. Again, can be very costly for some tags if you buy then off the market.

False, the career agents gives corps standings, and these schools have many distribution agents. They have LP stores, like any other corp, and works the same, storyline missions after each 16 distribution missions included.

You also get standings with SOE corp when you do the epic arc (level 1), and you usually get a storyline mission roughly around the courrier mission after you come back from Ammatar part of the arc (it is after completing “A Stranger’s Face” I believe, at the beginning of Chapter 7). The storyline agent will be in Sheroo, and with my alts I was heading there as soon as I finished that 16th mission, and the agent was there waiting for me with a mission. On future epic arc run, of course you will get the storyline at any 16th level 1 mission with an SOE agent you complete, whether they are from the arc or not (I mean, you could decide to do some non arc mission with SOE, and when you come back for the arc, whatever you did before would still count on that next run).

I even got a storyline with a Caldari agent once, because when I was in Hatakani, one of the mission I completed for the arc was the 16th level 1 mission for Caldari state on that toon.

So I assume the agents on the SOE arc will count toward their respective faction for the storyline… perhaps even with ORE faction! (I see I have 3 missions completed for Outer Ring Excavation, all missions from the arc). Unless there is a requirement about completing 16 missions in a set amount of time, that I don’t know.

Why am I not gaining standing after I did another set of career agents? and barely gained any standing after fighting faction war. I still have that old standing with caldari cant even do L3 missions.

Am I doing anything wrong?

Also what are DED agents, COSMOS, and Concord missions about? This guy told me if I pay him 1B he will do a storyline mission for me to increase standings all the way to 3.0 but he sounds like a scam.

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