Right now I am doing L2 security missions and I was wondering, once I reach L3 missions will I unlock all types of L3 missions for that faction?

If you reach 3.0 standing with a specific NPC corp, that will only unlock L3 missions for that particular NPC corp. However, if you reach 3.0 standing with a faction, that will unlock all L3 missions for every NPC corp that belongs to that faction. For example, if you reach 3.0 standing with Caldari Navy, that will only unlock L3 missions for Caldari Navy. But if you reach 3.0 standing with the Caldari State, that will unlock L3 missions for every NPC corp that is part of the Caldari State.

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How do I tell if I’m doing my missions for a npc Corp or a faction?

You can’t do missions for a faction directly. Every 16 missions you do of a certain level for an NPC corp of a certain faction will unlock a storyline mission for that faction. Storyline missions are what give standing towards a faction.

For example, if you run 16 L2 security missions for Caldari Navy, you will receive a storyline mission that, if completed, will increase your standing with the Caldari State.

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That makes sense thanks!

Completing a storyline mission for a particular faction will increase your standing with that faction and it’s allies, but it will decrease your standing with opposing factions.

To build on what QuakeGod said, you can also get a nice faction standing bump (with the faction of your choice) by doing the Sisters of Eve Epic. What’s more, you apparently don’t get any derived standing penalties from it. You can repeat the arc every 3 months.

Also, running career agent missions can boost your faction standings rather quickly, as you get a storyline mission every 10 missions instead of 16 (and every 5th mission in the case of the exploration agent). Moreover, if you know what you’re doing, you can blitz through them in like an hour and a half. The only downside is that you can only run each career agent mission once per character (there are 15 per faction, spread across 3 stations per faction (60 agents in total spread across 12 stations)).

It’s been a while, but I can offer a few suggestions for blitzing them.

  • First, I recommend using a long range destroyer [i.e. a rail catalyst or arty thrasher] to blitz through the combat missions. When designing your fit, favor damage application, damage range, lock range, and travel time, as the rats have small tanks and don’t do a lot of damage.
  • Second, collect all the proofs of discoveries at the same time (i.e. proceed through the the exploration agent arc, get the gas passkey, then go round collecting multiple sets of all the proof of discoveries). Then, the next time you run an exploration career agent, you won’t even have to undock for the missions that just require the proof of discoveries.
  • Third, bring most of the stuff that you’ll need to build for the Industrial career agent with you (i.e. 1x Tracking Computer 1, 2xCivilian AB’s, 5,000x of the appropriate ammo, and ???). The only thing I would build would be the shuttle. And do note, that the frigate that he wants you to build for him is one of the rewards from another mission, so you don’t actually have to build it.
  • Finally, try to take multiple missions at once. Docking and undocking time does add up

Anyway, it’s been a while, so I don’t remember everything. But you should be able to figure it out relatively easily.

Fourth, the derived standing losses from completing storyline missions are unavoidable and relatively mild. However, you can quickly tank your faction standings by taking missions that require you to kill a faction’s ships. And if you let those standing get low enough, you’ll start getting attacked by faction police when traveling through their space. Thus, I highly recommend sticking to missions against rogue drones, mercenaries, and pirate factions (such as serpentis and guristas), and avoiding taking missions against 4 major empires (i.e. Caldari, Gallente, Minmatar, Amarr). Anyway, you can tell who you are fighting because the mission card will usually show the icon of the enemy. And in the rare cases that it doesn’t, you can look it up on Eve Survival.

Oh, training Social will increase the strength of standing gains at the time you are awarded a standings increase. Connections, however, works retroactively by providing a percentage bonus to your raw standings. So, if you already have a .9 standing and train connections to II, you’d end up with a 1.68 standing. If you’re interested, you can find the math behind that here.

Anyway, if you do all this stuff, you can unlock level four missions really quick. Just make sure you can fly something that can handle them.

Thanks! Unfortunately I believe I have taken a few too many missions against major factions, but a majority have been against pirates. Many people have suggested the SOE arc to me but I’ve been having so much fun that I wanted to keep on doing what I was doing. I’ll make sure to do it soon

OP, use this:

Yes, it mostly still is relevant. You can use the info in it not just to boost up a faction standing, but also to get to higher level missions more quickly (quite possibly more quickly than your skills and game experience might handle well, so be aware of that - but, yolo, go for it)

Amarr (the blessed and true race) and Caldari are allies, gallente and (spit) minmatar are allies. Doing things for one ally will get you a small derived standings boost toward their ally and doing things against one will lose you a little with their ally as well. Sisters of EvE are actually friendly with the gallente a little, but doing the SoE epic arc is neutral. There are pirate factions and epic arcs…but only heretics and degenerates worthy only of just purging would taint themselves with those.

I’m glad you are liking EvE. Do keep in mind, however, that there are many different things to do in EvE…try other things as well!



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