Faction standings

My character is amarrian and I was doing quests for agent from Republic Security Services in order to increase standings towards Minmatar Republic. After completing 16 missions he offered me another one which I accomplished. After that, standings towards agent and his corp increased but standings towards Minmatar didn’t. Do you have any idea why?

Which agent do you talk about?

Leumolsan Fivinald

Maybe its because some of this 16 missions were done for lvl 1 agent and some for Leumolsan Fivinald who is lvl 2 agent? I don’t know.

The EVE wiki says that storyline agents(the one you get every 16 missions) will give large increases with the agent’s corp and moderate faction standing increases. Your situation seems to not be like this. Could you maybe elaborate more on the situation?

Who was the storyline agent

That’s him. Oh yeah and I would like to ask how much do L3 missions pay per mission

they pay significantly more than L1 and L2, but really what pays the most in missions are bounties from killing NPC’s

According to dotlan, Leumolsan is a basic agent.

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Hmm he must have gotten something wrong then. From what I know, L3 missions have cruisers as the main enemy right?

Yes, you are more prone to be attacked by cruisers and I think every now and then a BC. been a while since I ran an L3…

No, in L3 there are even Battleships.
I was really struggling doing these sites in a T1 BC like a Hurricane or Myrmidon when doing them for the first time. But the rewards were cool for a newish player, compared to L2 Missions.

As you can see there are more than 16 missions made for Republic Security Services and no increase in faction standings towards Minmatar. Maybe I’ve done something wrong and I didn’t actually do any storyline mission. I’ll just keep doing another 16 missions and I’ll see if any storyline mission would be offered. Any thoughts?

Probably one of your 508 notifications show an invitation :wink:
Storyline missions are only offered to you, and always by different agents not connected to the agent you use to complete missions for, that’s why I’ve asked for the name. You cannot ask for missions this way, you must be invited.
You should disable notifications for standing changes, btw.

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ok, so finally plz tell me if im correct. Leumolsan Fivinald is basic agent and i need to do quests for her. After 16 quests there should be different agent offering me storyline quest right? ill let myself write again in this thread if this wouldn’t work.

if you are doing 16 missions under Minmatar faction you will then get a storyline mission.

Example. if I do 13 Caldari Navy, and 3 Corporate Police Force, All under Caldari State, I will get an invitation for a storyline mission closer to whichever corporation I last completed a mission for. It could be a distribution, it could be security it could be a mining mission…

So as long as you are doing all under the same faction umbrella, you should receive a storyline mission invitation, and then you can start raising up your standings with the faction.

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Yep I think that’s how it works.

You get a storyline notification after doing 16 missions FOR THE SAME AGENT.

So if you do 8 missions for agent A for RSS and another 8 for agent B, you will not get a storyline.

And only the storyline agents do give you a faction standing increase.

What I posted above, is what came straight from Wiki. As long as they are under the same FACTION, you will get a storyline mission. Whether i’m running Caldari Navy, Corporate Police Force, Expert housing etc. I will get a storyline after my 16th mission, close to which ever agent I was close to for that mission.

For every 16 missions of the same level and faction (but not necessarily the same corporation) that you complete, you will get a new Storyline Mission offer from the nearest storyline agent of the same faction. This will always be the Storyline Agent closest to the regular agent who gave you your 16th mission (in terms of number of jumps) with two exceptions:

  • If the closest Storyline Agent has already made you an offer that you haven’t accepted or declined, then it will be the second-closest Storyline Agent that you get the offer from.
  • If the agent who gave you the 16th regular mission that you completed was in High Security, then the Storyline offer will always come from a Storyline Agent in High Security.

Yes, that’s how it works.
Now you can have a look in you Agency window, there you also should find a storyline agent’s offer.

I want to thank all of you for answers. I’ve just done 16 missions for only one lvl 2 agent and finally I got invitation to storyline quest. I think previously my problem was that I was doing those 16 missions partly for lvl 1 agent and partly for lvl 2 agent. As Geo Eclipse Oksaras quoted Wiki, it seems that those 16 quests must be done for the same level agents.