Do some agents/corps favour giving missions against specific factions?

I’m doing level 3 Joint Harvesting corp with Amarr. The agent in Atoosh.

After a Mercenaries mission and a Blood Raider mission, I got one for Gallente. I declined and the next one offered was also Gallente. While waiting for the 4hour timer to expire, I did a level 2 mission and that triggered a storyline mission. The storyline mission was for Gallente (I’m ignore that one…)

After the 4 hour timer was finally up from the level 3 agent, I declined it without penalty and asked for a new one and got a mission for Gallente.


Is this just unlucky RNG? I’m cool if that’s all it is. But I’m worried now if maybe somehow this corp or agent is somehow inclined to do Gallente missions? Is that a thing?

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Just unlucky rng

You always want to shoot gallente frogs.

Since you are running missions for an Amarrian agent, your going to roll missions that will hurt your faction standings with the Minmatar and the Gallente.

But there is a way to fix that. It’s been awhile, but I think if you run the Blood Stained Stars Sisters of Eve epic arc to the end (chapter 51) you are rewarded with a base +7% empire faction rating of your choosing (choice is made in chapter 49, and the % increases if your have Social trained).

It looks long, but it’s not too bad and can be completed in a destroyer.

Here is a Link to the EvE University page that details the epic arc.


This was my experience back when I was running a lot of missions…

The more missions you complete for the agent increases your standing with that agent and after gaining high standing, that agent will offer you more missions of the same type that you had previously accepted and completed.

So in other words, you just have to sludge through at the beginning and then after gaining high standing, you’ll mostly be offered the type of missions that you want.

Unfortunately L3’s do hand out a lot more faction missions than L4’s.

While shooting at empire faction ships causes only neglectible faction standings loss, turning in the mission imposes a considerable loss to that faction, or at least I remember it that way. I did only LVL4s for grinding (look up a lvl4 agent you can use and is close to a storyline agent of the corps you want standings for, then grind the hell out of the lvl4 until you get the storyline from the corps you want to increase standings to), and I think the standings loss for security lvl4s was 3%-ish per turn in, which means you need to do the SoE arc, which is a pain and can be done only once every 3 months, for each two anti-faction missions you turn in.

If you can’t lvl4 crab at an agent that is sufficiently close to your storyline agent, I’d recommend to run distributions until you get the ability to use lvl4 agents closeby. Distribution Missions (level 2 and up) never ask you to pewpew things, and therefore don’t mess up your standings (their storyline mission however might do so).

Storylines are completely optional though, you dont have to do them.

i can’t document it , but i understand some npc corp agents are more likely to give missions against opposing factions . not sure if it was the military or industrial corps , but that has been my experience . change corps you’re running for . there should be others with the same LP store if that’s a concern . Reset the Loyalty Points Database for eve online

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