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I am wanting to get my faction standings up across the board, Ive done the SOE epic arc which is fine, but lately, every story line mission I get is against another faction, which I don’t want. Are all storyline missions against a faction or if not which missions can I do to minimize getting a faction mission at the end.

Also does t matter what corp you do the missions for to determine the probability of a faction mission.

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I think it dépend which Storyline agent give you the mission. Security ones often give mission against another faction, sadly…
The best you can do is go to a place where most Storyline Agents are Distribution, generally the cargo you need to move can be put in a destroyer.

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I just had 4 storyline L4 when doing security missions.

Two were Material for War Preparation. One was hauling a document 2j away. On was “kill things, retrieve things, get it back here”.
so for this too small sample to make adequate stats, I had 75% of the storyline being non-fight.

Thanks for the replies… so do yu think positioning myself close to a storyline agnet who is not security would be a good option here? I don’t mind if they are fighting something, I just don’t want it against a main faction.

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Could improve your odds of getting a Distribution Storyline if you doesn’t have Storyline - Security agents in your immediate neighbourhood. Sadly, missions are random and impossible to predict, if I could choose them I would farm the hell out of the L2 “Silence the Informant” because it’s dirt easy and destroying the Habitation module in the final room can give you some valuable implants.

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Or that cargo rig in the third room of the level 4 Angel Extravaganza, which drops +3% implants.
Or the Right Hand of Zazzmazz and Damsel in Distress which can drop the Zor Hyperlink.

In 8 years of doing the same missions for the same agent, no storyline mission was against an empire faction.

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What, really ?!
Some agents already gave me this mission but I didn’t knew we could get an expensive implant from this mission…
I used the EVE-Survival page of the mission de get my informations on it, but it’s not written this implant can drop from any enemy or structure…
How did you managed to get it please, @elitatwo ?

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the zor BS in those two missions drops

  • the zbikoki card, which can be sold for contract 10M - or used to blitz the commander room in worlds collide,
  • ±5% chance to drop the zor hyperlink implant, which is worth 70M.

That makes Zor a 14M worth pop.

The zazzmataz mission only requires to pop zor and the structure, so you can warp in, blap zor, blap the structure, tractor zor wreck, warpout.
I do it in a 200M raven fit T2 with MWD and cruise missiles. Or with a machariel, because the warp time is so slow (the same I use for scarlet).

The damsel mission requires to shoot a structures, which will trigger huge waves of ennemies. Among them, zor which is the highest DPS. So just warp in at range, shoot the structure, shoot the zor, BM the can, complete mission, then come back in an inty to grab the loot. Not worth it IMO. maybe with MTU to tractor zor wreck ?

Ho yeah, scarlet

in red pirat scarlett you can go through the first gate provided you have a gate key in your inventory.
In second room, you can alpha scarlett with arty.
In third room, you can also alpha it. This time it drops an implant. And the mission is complete.
That makes that mission a 10M bounty+8M loot (+correct reward ±20M ).
Sometimes you may miss scarlet and it will go to next gate. well you can still alpha it from here, but now it won’t drop an implant.

I think I can complete the mission, including the travel, in 6 min in a hyper mach. that makes it a 350M/h worth mission. Don’t take my words on it, do it yourself on test server and you’ll find out your own numbers :wink:
this guy does it in 8min( he stops the video before returning the mission but takes 1min to talk and 2min travel. also his fit is …)

If you shoot the structure where the Damsel is in, Zor appears when the structure is in 50% hull and may or not drop the implant, Zor flies a special Raven which can drop the implant but doesn’t always.

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to clarify, they talking about the lvl 4 version of this mission
zor drops always one imp, but only if you got two you hit the jackpot.

The storyline missions are well worth it. They do give you penalty against the opposite factions, but the penalty is always a lot smaller then the faction gain, so then if or when in turn you go to the other faction you’ll more then make up for it and have them both up.

Also, for new or newish players especially, some of them give very nice rewards. Note “some”, not all.

The only thing you have to check and watch out for is that when you do security missions, if its against another faction, you will also get negative faction for killing their ships, that, added to the faction penalty can be severe. But then again they also give a lot of very nice tags, you’ll have to loot all the wrecks for them. So they are quite a bit of income.

Its up to you if its worth it or not, I do them sometimes because I have enough padding to not care, but I remember back in the day that was an issue. Few times I got so low that the navies would agro me while I was traveling through the territory, not sure if its still the same or not since its been quite a few years.

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Has always just seemed random to me. I can mainly speak to caldari/amarr missions, sometimes get a gallente or minmatar kill mission, but most of the combat storylines are pirates, mercs, or drones.

SoE I don’t really remember, as I would have turned down any kill amarr/caldari missions. And I only ever spent a little time running gal/min missions and that was years ago, so can’t say with any certainty.


@Fluffy_Moe - indeed, it is the hit well killing their ships that I want to avoid… are you saying that you have to seesaw between faction A and faction B in order to try and balance that standing hit? my standings are positive (although under 1 with Gallente and Minmatar

@Anderson_Geten I have some of those Zbikoki and zazzmataz thing s too, just never knew what they were for. Seems there is a little bit to missions I was unware of.

@elitatwo Years of not getting a mission against another faction is good though, considering I got one against gallente on my first go on a mission in years.

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If you are under 1, you can either offset it a bit with social skills, or alternately go do some missions for them. Actually the SOE epic arc and the accompanying missions give tons of Gallente / Min faction, go do that, you can do it once every 3 months and do so in a relatively fast cruiser liek Cinnabal or alike, even a destroyer like Algos if you have decent skills.

You can also do Cosmos missions but I would not because you can do them only 1 time in your characters lifetime, so save those for when you really really need it, do not waste them as I did on one of my characters. My lesson has been learned.

You can also do career agents, their chains give nice faction boost, but I don’t know how all that works now because too many changes lately on it and I have not had any personal need to do them again.


remember, they are also one-time boost per character.

How on earth have you managed that? Which agent / corp / faction are you running for?

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same, I can’t remember of a vs empire storyline.

Today I did 16 distribution missions for Kaalakiota, there was a level 1 storyline agent in the SAME station as I was taking the missions from and even though he was a distribution agent, he still gave me a storyline mission against Gallente… its going to be real slow going if the only way I can do this is via theSOE Epic Arc

Career agents, COSMOS and data centers I am aware of and leaving them alone at the moment.

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You can run missions for SOE, all galaxy will love you except Amarr and pirate factions. And LP shop is not bad for HighSec corp.

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Thank BOB that the Amarr only have a small region in empire space…

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