Quick question about security mission variety

I have been doing level 4 missions for some time now…lots of them. I know there are lots of different missions, but I have been getting stuck with the same 3-5 missions over and over again ad nauseum, and I’m getting sick of them.

My question: Are they specific to empire space, faction, or corps? If I go to different places, will the missions be different? Or am I just getting a crappy roll of the randomness dice?

I know I could just go try it, but I need to stay put for now to get storylines for standings, and LP where I am. Just thought I would ask here instead. Did a quick Google search and all I found was a mission list, showing me all the missions I have not been getting, but it didn’t say where to go to get them.

Either way, I think we could use a few more missions for the sake of variety.

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The variety of standard missions is pretty limited regardless of the area of space and hasn’t changed much in many years. I think ccp does that intentionally to encourage players to go shoot each other rather than do the same small pool of missions.

evesurvival.org has all the available missions listed if you wanted to check that out.

Maybe try the epic arcs and burner missions for a little variety? Also, do remember there are many other things to do on EvE other than missions.



I believe each agent has a short list of missions they can hand out, and a list of systems they can send you to. For variety try different agents - as long as they are from the same faction, they will count toward your storylines. Other factions will usually have the same missions but with different names and minor changes.

The mission system is ancient and unlikely to be updated anytime soon - it would be months of work to create new content players could consume and solve in a few days. I believe new PVE content will be focused on temporary events that test the new tools CCP is developing until they are in a position to deliver dynamic content that is a bit more challenging.


Apparently, there were three new missions in today’s update, according to patch notes. Just saying.

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Thanks for the link. I have run through the empire epics a couple times already, and I do other stuff pretty often, but I just never learned the dynamics of the missions as they pertain to each faction, etc. Learning something new every day! :slight_smile: Right now, I’m just focused on getting empire standings up to a nice high number so I can complete the COSMOS missions.

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Cool, I wasn’t sure about that. A change of scenery should be enough to keep me from falling asleep at the wheel. Thanks.

Even though ‘The Plan’ was created over 10 years ago, it’s still as effective and viable today as it was back then.


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