Do security faction storyline missions exist anymore?

I have done a lot of missioning lately, and they have been all security missions.I have gotten about 10 storyline missions off level 4 missions. All the storyline missions have come up as either distribution or mostly materials of war. No security storylines at all, I even did enough level 1 and 2 securitys to get a storyline on each and they both went materials of war also.

Did they lower the chances horribly of security storyline missions or remove them outright? I would say no it was just the places I was missioning but its happening all over.

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Storyline mission pool is determined by the storyline agent division. No division is 100% security mission (my experience is about 70% max…when I tracked those things).

You probably were doing storyline on a non-security agent (common). But sometimes RNG is RNG

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I’m pretty sure storyline agents just do a random roll of the available missions. I haven’t seen any data that suggest otherwise. Every storyline agent I’ve ever used long term has given me all sorts of missions.

has there been a recent change? maybe but I doubt it. RNG can get streaky sometimes.


When did they make that change? My tracking stopped in 2014.

Do you know how far back you can pull standing change data on a character? I had a ton of storylines when testing L3 Alpha blitzing that spanned 2 different agent divisions.

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afaik it’s always been like that. but I have no data either way, I just know that I’ve gotten all sorts of missions from every storyline agent I’ve used. Some years ago they made some extra combat storylines so you see them a bit more often, guessing 2011 as that’s when comments start on eve-survival, for missions like evolution and record cleaning. And then older missions like shipyard theft and covering your tracks go back to 2008.

pretty sure they massively limited standing data when the revamped the standing UI. can only see the last 25 transactions or so, and the time limit isn’t that long maybe a few months. Used to be able to check a lot more transactions.

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I have a friend who over his entire EVE carreer (roughly 10 years) has gotten ca. 35% MfWP. The rest is spread out fairly evenly among all the others. Either that mission is weighted much more heavily or the RNG really, really hates him.

Make of it what you will.

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I noticed the same for some agents.

They are totally random not based on type of normal missions you are doing. And RNG can be sometimes against us.

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Well, maybe CCP did a stealth change when they redid the character sheet standings section.

Back when I was doing a lot of missions while working on ‘The Plan’, it seemed that a majority of the Storyline mission offers were opposite to the Agent Division you were working prior to receiving the Storyline offer. Meaning if doing Distribution missions, the Storyline offer would be a Security mission and vice versa. It also seemed that Mining Division would give various Storyline mission offers from all divisions.

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a lot of mission grinding, I don’t remember if it only pertained to the 16th mission or if all 16 missions needed to be done by a different Agent Division.

Basically would have to run a couple of tests, the first with the Storyline Agent belonging to the same Division as the Regular Agents.

Run 16 missions for a specific Agent Division and see what type of Storyline offer is received, then do the same thing again but run the 16th mission for an opposite Division.

Then run the same test again with a Storyline Agent from a different Division. Course the game always picks the nearest Storyline Agent so doing these tests will require some research and travel to complete, much like how players get the Storyline Agent to be in the same Corporation as the regular Agents they’re running.

Just in case anyone is wondering why I care about security storylines. Security storylines can give significantly higher payouts sometimes, if you get lucky with the right one. But by far the bigger reason is you can get significantly larger faction gains than by any other mission.

It seems the higher I go with my faction standings the less likely I am to get a security storyline. Which is the opposite that you think it would go, but nope.

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Considering that just this morning it kicked out a L4 security story mission to disrupt that string of L4 distribution missions I was doing to speed up the process of getting story missions. Yeah they exist all right.

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Out of curiosity I dug up my old spreadsheet to look at the data again.

Out of 673 completed storylines
404 were with a security division agent
272 were combat

269 were with a distribution/mining agent
116 were combat

BUT, I have reason to doubt the sample because I am missing missions.

I was not tracking all missions offered, but only missions accepted. At some point I stopped running certain missions to preserve counter-faction standings. So, the data is corrupted.

My previous comment here can be discarded.

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I don’t get why people get so many security storyline missions doing distribution missions, it seems counter to what it should be.

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You store all missions you do on a speadsheet?

I did for several years, yes.

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My main (born 6 months ago though I born in 2010) already did hundreads of missions, if you did it for years I couldn’t imagine the number of missions

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My very first character was born in late 2006.

I started tracking missions on August 3, 2007. I stopped tracking on February 22, 2014. Edit: actually I did a recent 2mo stint messing with L3s. So technically Dec 2017.

I have over 38k total records. :flushed:


Wow that is a lot! Kudos man!

I am from late 2006 also and did a ton of missions for the same agent / faction, so my standing is 10.0 with the agent and the faction.
Sometimes I would get 2x materials for war preparation with the kernite from the storyline agent but there are 2 new storyline ones which are strictly combat.
I wish the faction had a better LP store because I have about 3 million LP and not much to do with them.

Would you like to put that into google spreadsheet so I could pull it into R and do some analysis?

look at where the 16th mission takes you . the closest faction agent to your last mission in the series will be the one offering a mission .

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