Storyline Missions

Storyline missions are offered for a particular faction after 16 missions for that faction have been completed at a particular level. Is there any way to see how many missions have been completed by level and by faction?


The interactions tab in the Character sheet tracks all standing changes for Faction, Corporation and Agent.

To view how many missions have been completed to get a Storyline offer, look at the Corporation interaction which should show a list of recent missions.

For the level you’ll probably have to check Agent interactions.

Looking at the Corporation interactions, I don’t see a place to show a list of recent missions. There are tabs for Description , Attributes, Settled Systems, Agents, Standings, and Market Activity under Corporation: Information, but no mission data.

Nothing I was able to find for individual agents for whom I have been running missions, either.

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When you click the interactions tab in the character sheet, the Factions will be listed first, followed by Corporations followed by Agents.

Click on the Corporation in the list will show all missions completed for that specific Corp. Same for clicking on Agent in the list, it will show all missions completed for that Agent. Clicking ‘Show Info’ on the Agents name will open up the little info box which shows the Agent level next to his name.

I just started the level 4 Amarr Epic Arc. The starting Agent for that arc is Karde Romu. I scrolled down the list and clicked on her name:

The next Agent in the Arc is Kandus Sandar. I scrolled to his name and clicked it to show missions completed for him:

Both Agents work for the Ministry Of Internal Order. I scrolled to that Corporation in the list and clicked it to show a list of all missions completed for that Corp:

I scrolled to Amarr Empire and clicked it. When a Storyline mission, Event Agent mission or the last Epic Arc mission is completed giving Faction standing increase, it will be listed there. Since I haven’t done any of those, it currently shows ‘No Standing Change’.:

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Thanks. As with everything EvE, there is a lot of data, and many ways to access it, but it’s not always intuitive.

Is there any way to clear the list. For example, I’ve been running mining missions for Astral Mining Inc. When I pull up the mission list, it shows all of my missions, not just the ones since my last story line mission, so it’s hard to tell how many I have left to go before I will get my next story line mission.

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I haven’t looked into clearing the list. Since I don’t do regular missions anymore and actually spend more time doing exploration, my list usually stays pretty small.

In the past I would check the time / date on the last mission listed in the Faction interaction list and use that as a starting point, then cross-reference that date with the list in the Corporation and or Agent list and just count the amount of missions completed after that date.

Hope that helps.

I’m trying to repair my standing with the Gallente Federation in order to be able to access an R&D agent for a subject not available in Caldari space. It’s been a grind, since my standing was about -4 and I’ve only just built it back up to zero. With skills, I am now able to transition from lvl 2 missions to lvl 3 missions, but I wanted to finish off my 16 lvl 2 mission count before switching to lvl 3.

It would handy if in the Faction Interaction area if there was a tab for Story Line missions by level to make this a bit more simple, since story line missions are an important way to build faction standing.

Thanks for the help.

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There’s actually an easier way to gain and or repair Faction standing than just grinding regular missions for Storyline offers.

Check out ‘The Plan’

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I’ll check it out.

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You can track the number of missions completed by looking in your wallet journal for payments from them. IIRC, you don’t usually get money from a storyline agent (my last two have been implants), but the regular agents do pay you. I don’t know of an easy way to draw a line where you did a storyline mission.

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You can roughly, and I do mean roughly, track them via your wallet. Each mission gives you a payout, a reward upon completion, in your wallet, journal section, you will be able to see listed missions that you got paid for and can count them.

So once you hit a story mission, remember or write down its name, then you can look in your wallet journal and see how many missions you have completed since then, how many you got paid for.

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Why do you need to know ? When I got ‘promoted’ from level 2 capable to level 3 capable, I just kept doing level 2 missions until I got a storyline, then immediately after that mission I relocated myself to the level 3 agent and started doing level 3’s - same for level 3 to level 4.

I was running multiple lvl 2 mining missions from different agents. I just didn’t want to run unnecessary ones before I switched to lvl 3 missions.

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What do you mean by this? If it’s for datacores, then turn back now!

I’m not sure what you mean by this. What is research for if not for data cores?

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Back in the day research agents were a good source of datacores, but as the income was so passive CCP made R&D agents a very poor source of them.

Buy them, find them, or get them from faction warfare lp stores.

To give you an idea: I have 27? level 4 R&D agents, at 4 or 5 in the relevant skill, going and last picked up datacores from them in 2012.

I don’t think I ever will either…well maybe some day.

To reiterate: turn back now!

Why so slow? I’ve been able to pick up data cores from lvl 1 R&D agents. Is it that the subjects lvl 4 agents have take longer than the lvl 1 agents?

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Okay, a quick audit: I currently have sitting around:

35728 datacores, and
3,644,000 unclaimed RP, accruing at about 3000 RP/day (total, this one’s estimated)

From old notes:

Molecular engineering 753k isk each, hydromagnetic 641k isk each, quantum 597k isk each, and all those were rising. Ah, the good old days, good money back then.

Turn back now!

Are you collecting data cores just to be collecting data cores? I’m collecting them for use in T2 blueprint research, so I use the ones I need as fast as I get them.

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Lazy to collect. I’ll do it someday