Storyline missions?

So recently, I did 16 level 2 combat missions from the exact same agent, hoping to get a big increase to standing from a storyline mission. However, the storyline mission I recieved was a Level 1 courier mission, and when I completed it I only got a 0.05 increase in standing toward my faction (2.01 to 2.06).

Can anyone explain why this is happening?

Level 1 gives the lowest standing. Your social skills will impact your effective standings. SOCIAL increases the standing per mission you get. Connections, modifies your standings to be higher than your base standings.

The level of missions you do has direct effect on the kind of storyline missions you will have (or more accurately how rewarding those storyline missions will be).

In order to get the best increase you have to do level 4 missions, and even then combat storyline missions will award much more standing increase than courier ones.

Also it does not matter if you do 16 missions for the same agent or even corporation. Game tracks the level of missions you do and the faction. So you will get storyline if you did 16 missions of level 2 for this faction, and if you care what corp to get faction standing with (you get it with the faction regardless) you just have to make sure to do your 16th mission for the corp you want standings with.

Thanks! It seems like I just got unlucky since I got 1 Level 1 courier mission.


All storyline missions are listed as level 1, irrespective of which level they actually are. This is so that you can still talk to the storyline agent even if your standings are terrible - level 1 missions are not restricted according to standings.


Note also that faction standing is much harder to get and more valuable than corporation standing. Going from 2.01 to 2.06 isn’t actually as bad as you think. As others noted, you certainly can get much bigger gains in faction standing by doing higher level missions, but grinding faction standing is always a much, much, slower process than grinding corporation standing. Gaining faction standing is like gaining standing with the dozens of corporations in that faction all at once.

Best way to gain a quick boost to faction standings is doing the epic arc for your faction (L4 difficulty) and/or the SoE arc and picking your faction near the end (L1 difficulty)


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