Standing increase issue

Is this a bug or working as intented? The increase from 05.10.2022 was a a storyline mission acquired by doing level 3 missions → bring 8000 Omber. And today I did the lvl 4 storyline version of that - bring 8000 Kernite. Yet the standing increase was 1/3 of a lvl 3? Is this normal or should I report that as a bug?

Its normal, standings are never gonna be the same every time.

Well I get that they will vary a bit, but this is a weird. Here , scrolled bit down - all lvl 3 storylines except the 0.122 which was level 2 storyline. And level 4 gave me 0.196 hmm.

No point doing lvl4 distro missions then.


Either of you have an idea??

The standing you get from an agent is related to the:

  • Your Social skill level
  • Corporation of the Agent (different corps under the same faction might give different standings)
  • Corporation Size
  • Level of Agent
  • Enemy of the Mission (i.e. Recon against guristas might give different standing than Recon against Blood)

So, in your case, check which of the above where different at the time you run the mission.
What I am certain of, is that if you run the same mission for the same agent again, you will get the same standings.

And some additional info if you want to get technical:

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So I ran into this issue again. And now this formula doesn’t seems to explain it.

Here is new screenshot:

The Materials For War Preparations mission from 23.11 was a level 3 mission (bring omber), while today’s one was level 4 (bring kernite).

This time I was doing the level 4 missions partially for Caldari Navy in lowsec and last six in highsec for different corporation of caldari to make sure the storyline will be given from the same storyline agent as was the level 3 one. Which worked.

So both level 3 and level 4 storylines of same type were given by same storyline agent of Caldari Navy faction in highsec. Yet the standings increase for level 4 one is pitiful.

Am I still missing something there or it is a bug?

Thats a bug somehow. You should have only been able to get a storyline for the same faction and level. Doing level 3 and 4 together for the 16 missions required wouldnt give you a storyline

No, you misunderstand me.

I did 16 level 3 missions and 23.11 I got level 3 storyline. Then I was doing level 4 missions, but I did 10 for caldari navy and then last 6 for different faction, but it was still level 4 mission. So 16 level 4 mdistribute missions have been done and I got level 4 storyline with same agent that gave me that level 3 storyline 3 days ago.

Maybe some parts of the formulas are changing from agent to agent and level to level:

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