Detailed PvE Standings Log

I am trying to comprehend in depth how agent and corporation standing increases work when running missions.

I should begin with the standing formulas that I have found thru out old posts or came up by myself (the formula 0):

(0) Agent_Quality = 120 * Agent_Level - 10
(1) Agent_Efficiency = 0.01 * ((8 * Agent_Level) + (0.1 * Agent_Quality) - 4)
(2) Agent_Standing_Increase = Base_Mission_Increase * ( 1 + 0.05 * Social_Skill )
(3) Corporation_Standing_Increase = Agent_Standing_Increase * Agent_Efficiency/ Corp_Size
(4) New_Corp_Standing = ((10 - Current_Corp_Standing)*(Corporation_Standing_Increase/10)) + Current_Corp_Standing

The entities that take part in the above equations are:

(A) Agent_Level: The level of the agent.
(B) Agent_Quality: It is calculated by using Agent_Level (formula 0). I have reversed engineered that formula from actual in-game data. It works for every agent level.
(C) Agent_Efficiency: it is calculated by using Agent_Level and Agent_Quality
(D) Agent_Standing_Increase: This is calculated with formula (2)
(E) Base_Mission_Increase: This value is not known from anywhere in the game. I have calculated though formula (2), by using actual in-game agent standing increases.
The main problem here is that the in-game interface displays only up to 3 decimals, so there are deviations from the actual values.
(F) Social_Skill: The social skill level of the player that started the mission.
(G) Corporation_Standing_Increase: This is calculated by using the formula (3). It is divided by 10 when used on formula (4) to calculate the new standing of the corporation.
(H) Corp_Size: This is also an unknown in-game value. I have taken the Size Factor from i.e. for Caldari Navy: EVE - NPC Corporation: Caldari Navy

I have tested the above formulas on all Caldari Navy Level 4 missions in an effort to predict what will be my agent and corporation standing and they are pretty accurate, but sometimes I am having differences on the 4th decimal digit.

So, the things that are missing to be able to accurately calculate the standings a mission runner will have are:
a) Agent_Quality: (an accurate formula and not a derived one from other values)
b) Base_Mission_Increase: A list of all the missions and their base mission standing increase value, and not a reverse calculated one from in-game agent increases.

So, if the game could either provide the above two missing in a text log (like combat logs) after a mission is completed or declined, or published as a list from CCP, that would be amazing.
It would shed some light on the end of the standings tunnel, and hopefully it will not be a train coming.

References from my research:

2 Likes displays additional decimal places of standings if that helps.

Thank you for the pointer, I have used it a lot of times, and I could run a mission, note the standings before, refresh the eveskillboard and then have even more accurate data to work with.

But it can be refreshed every 1 hour, so because there are a lot of missions (at least 40+ unique L4 and variances between factions), it would take me a few months to gather the info.

I will take it under consideration just in case, even tho the in-game base mission standing increases might have even more decimals than eveskillboard and I will fall back to zero.

It’s more like, if ESI actually reduces the precision, you may have incorect values.
It’s done on other paths.

I was telling madsam on our discord, EVESkillboard fudged up one day, and actually had a 12-14 digit number for standings.


I was telling madsam on our discord, EVESkillboard fudged up one day, and actually had a 12-14 digit number for standings.

Yeah, fortunately ESI returns up to 15 decimal places on standings. I have confirmed that with my own fetch.

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