Agent reward increase with standing?

I have read that agent mission rewards increase with your standing. I have tried to find some info that quantifies the reward increase, but haven’t found anything.

For example, I just passed a standing of 8.0 with a lvl 4 security agent in low sec. His payouts for mission completion and quick completion seem to have increased over time, but I’m very curious to know how much that is supposed to change.

Anyone have info on this?


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There are Social Skills that will increase the rewards you get from Agents:

  • Social - 5% bonus per level to NPC Agent, Corporation and Faction standing increase.
  • Negotiation - 5% additional pay per skill level for Agent missions.
  • Security/Distribution/Mining Connections - Improves loyalty point gain by 10% per level when working for agents in the Security corporation division.

The security status of the system the Agent operate from also has an effect, the lower the sec status is the more you are rewarded.

Your standing with the Agent, Corporation or Faction has no influence on the reward you get for completing a mission.

The reward for your standing with Corporation or Factions is:

  • Higher level missions. (1.0 = L2s, 3.0 = L3s, 5.0 = L4s and 7.0 = L5s)
  • Pay less broker fees in NPC stations
  • Cheaper refining in NPC stations

Thanks for the reply, ISD.

I have found conflicting answers on the subject of whether or not rewards increase in past forum replies. An official explanation of the details from CCP would be nice.

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remember that ISD are not CCP officials.

even GMs may lack the access to the code, thereby granting you an “unfortunately I Can’t answer this question”.
In the case you want to KNOW OF something, you have this to do :

  1. make a test protocol
  2. post it here (I don’t think I wil answer)
  3. jump on test server and test it
  4. tell here how it went.

I did not make a deep search about it, but it seems to me the standing does not change a thing wrt the rewards.

/moveme dodixie
dock in station with L4
note a list of missions with agent, corp, faction standing, as well as the reward, lp and bonus

analyze the result.

how I do to analyze the result :

  1. I have data pasted in libreoffice
  2. I make a new “copy” sheet, in which I just copy cell to cell the data sheet
  3. in that sheet I make three graphs : first one, x being the agent standing, y being three data set : isk reward, bonus reward, and total isk ; second and third graph are copy, but x is now the corp and faction standing. Those graphs are fugly now, no problem we copy that ■■■■ into a new one with filtered values
  4. I select a value of lp reward. You’ll note soon that lp reward are not affected by standing. In my case I chose 6169 and 9253 lp as those values were the most common.
  5. I copy the “copy” sheet into a new sheet with name being the number of lp (eg 6169)
  6. I click on a cell from the “lp” column, and go in data> more filters>standard filter. I choose “column= LP”, with LP being the name of the sheet (eg 6169), then I click below the filter and add an “or” filter with “colmumn=lp”, this time lp is raw name.
    this will make a filtered sheet of the data, with only the first row and those which have the given amount of lp. the charts are also copied.

And now you can check, with enough data, if the different standings impact or not the isk reward.

So can we say “yes” to increasing social skill increase payout?
Not that I dont appreciate the effort, I’m new, so I dont understand whats goin on with the graphs and charts. :frowning:

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No, check here:

The graphs that Anderson Geten display are the small deviations that occur when the Mission Type (like the Anomic Base/Agent/Team) is the same but the Enemy is different.


Ok, I think Ive sorted out my confusion.

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no, it’s the small deviation that occurs when the mission give the same LP reward but the faction/corp/agent standing varies.

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