Standings bugged?


I was doing some hauling missions, grinding my standing to lvl 5, when noticed some weird stuff.

On 28.05 I finished playing with standing to Brutor Tribe at 7.05. Was enough for lvl 5 agents, they were marked as “available” ones.
After the next login (29.05 after dt) I have made few more hauling missions and one storyline mission, that gave me +0,6 to standing.

So my total standing became… 7,4! It shows ingame that on 28.05 it was lower then 7!

I took a screenshot and sent a message to support
Later that day I made two lvl 5 missions, granting me +0.553 and +0.412 towards Brutor Tribe.
So my total standing towards Brutor Tribe became… 7.76!
And according to the game logs in shows, I started lvl 5 mission with standings of less than 7.

I checked my char via chars tools (that uses API) and It says an even lower number- effective standing is 7.5137

I am using new potent glamourex boosters. Maybe they are bugged somehow? What am I calculation wrong with standings?

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From my boss with USIA

still weird, since all standings were positive, Connections skill at IV and Diplomacy at 0.

Best thing is to follow what the skillboard says

  • according to support, sometimes standings get out of sync (between client and server).
    Support suggested i’d clear my cache to fix that.
    And, I suppose, that would make the values from the API more reliable.

  • Sometimes, things get weird (possibly because of what I said above).
    Months ago, I finished an Epic Arc and a Storyline I earned while running the Arc.
    In the hours that followed, my faction standings were lowered a bit - twice (support seemed to think that was fine).
    The Storyline never even showed in my Standings window.

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