Weird standing change after sister epic arc

I don’t know whether this is a bug or not so posting here. I did sister epic arc just now and as you see from first screenshot my standing with Caldari was at 5.73 some time before finishing final mission, after i finished it, my standing just dropped to 5.27 and then increased to 6.07. So, actually my standing to Caldari State increased merely by 0.34 and not by 0.805 as shown in the table, is it a bug and should i file a ticked or everything working as intended?

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If you completed any storyline missions during the arc, they will influence your standings. Missions completed for Gallente or Minmatar will lower your Caldari standing.

The percentage gain is applied to the difference between your current standing and the maximum (10.0). If your standing was 5.73, you should get 8.05% of 4.27 = .034

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Ah, i understand now. So it’s the percentage that’s shown in the table. Thanks for the answer.

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with past standings transactions the client does some real lazy math and any previous standings values should be taken as a guideline and not your actual standing history.

For example this is a corp standings graph, all the transactions are from storyline missions. My final standing is 9.94 and it calculates the starting standing at -11.44 which is is impossible. I’d guess the starting standing was 9+ so that just shows how lazy the math is.

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I’m in the middle of this too and I see the same discrepancies as you, Chainsaw. I turned in a few of the same tags with two different characters, and they each reported the exact same increase for each mission, though their beginning standings were different. After recording the numbers for a few of these I notice that hovering over the history shows numbers in between all the actuals… when you hover over the blue dots the numbers that show up were never correct at any point in your pilots history.

Another confusing thing I see is that derived standings are incurred for one pilot but not the other for same exact mission. I can only infer that there IS indeed a cutoff for derived standings when the pilot’s standings to the faction surpass that faction’s standings with the other (derived) faction…

This is both pilots after a few Amarr turn-in missions:

And both pilots’ derived standings with Caldari

The second pilot has higher standings with Amarr and received zero derived standings with Caldari.

UPDATE: I just did the Ammatar turn-in for Cimalo Mahnab and pilot 1 received +0.334 while pilot 2 received +0.112! Both with Social V and standings of 6.95 and 7.13 from Ammatar, but one gets triple the reward… wtf gives…

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Caldari derived standings should cap out at +7 unmodified from amarr. Given the one is at 6.63 and getting derived standings and the other is at 7.78 that looks like it checks out. And on the negative side I believe minmatar will cap at -5, and gallente at -2.

If you look at the faction info there will be a table of that faction’s standings. You can use that to see where the derived standings will cap.


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