(faction) standing gain is cheating

Hello. In this post I talk about effective standing, which is what is shown on the “interaction” history interface.

I made one matar epic and one storyline.

On BOTH cases I gained less than was was written. Actually, the history was modified to reduce my standing PREVIOUS TO GAIN.

I was at 5.09 with my faction. The mission I just did netted me 0.98 points. When I look on the history it tells me I was at 0.44 BEFORE doing the storyline. This is just false.

Same thing happened with the epic I did a week or so.
I submitted a bug for the epic (with screenshot showing I DID a mission for the agent I don’t have the standing for, meaning I HAD access to him) , I submitted a bug for this storyline (not worth making screenshots again), however since I did not received answer yet for the first bug report, I rather ask here about anyone else having this issue.

I believe you are talking about standings, AFAIK they are calculated correctly whenever you complete a mission, but the history graph does some lazy calculations that don’t make sense. For example one of my character’s histories shows -19 standings which is rather impossible. I also posted somewhere that the graph showed my agent standing at -2.5 or so but that also didn’t happen as if it went that low the agent wouldn’t have offered me a mission.

ho my … you are right. standing, editing my post.

I’m making amarr epic ATM, will tell how it goes.

Amarr Epic did the same.

And just did Caldari epic.

BEFORE I complete the mission : 4.09 unmodified, 5.27 modified
AFTER I complete the mission, it tells me I was at 4.61 modified before completion, which is wrong(should be 5.27)

Now I make a storyline on another toon:
6.49/ 7.05 before.
I complete the storyline, and it tells me afterwards, I actually was at 6.85 modified ?

What it means is , when I gain faction standing, it rewrites my old value ?

got in touch with a GM, who understood the issue, and talked to a dev.

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