Unexplained standing loss


Situation: I wanted to do the Caldari Epic Arc. And I wondered how it will affect my standings.

So I took a screenshot.

AFTER completing said Arc, I checked my standings again. And some were lowered - but the game did not show that.

When I started, Jove Empire was 3.72; when I finished, it was 3.62.

YET: the history pannel shows no negative interactions.

So: WHY were my standings lowered?

Co-Head of the United Standings Improvement Agency [USIA] here. I’ll be happy to address these questions.

So two things are going on here:

  1. First of all, the standings log is bugged beyond belief and is almost completely unreliable. It will correctly tell you WHAT you did to incur a change and WHEN it occurred, and what your CURRENT standing is, but all other entries (ie. historical) are incorrect. I would not be surprised if some entries are also missing entirely. Also, the values in the change column are misleading: some are actual value changes and some are percent changes, so basically the values here should likewise not be relied upon. This has been bugged from the dawn of time and despite CCP acknowledging the bugs they continue to neglect fixing them.
  2. Whenever you complete a storyline mission, friendly factions have an increase in standing and hostile factions have a decrease in standing; these changes are called “derived standings”. Jove have negative feelings toward Amarr, Gallente, Ammatar, Khanid, Syndicate. Have you completed a storyline for any of these factions? During the course of completing an epic arc you may generate some storylines, but these storylines are unrelated to the epic arc and are entirely optional. While the standings boost from completing an epic arc does not incur derived standings (positive or negative), you may still incur losses from running the arc based on the entities you destroy, and if you go off completing these unrelated storylines you will likewise incur negative derived standings with some factions such as Jove. (I don’t remember for certain, but you might also incur derived standing losses from killing entities from friendly factions such as Minmatar and Thukker as well, but I a have to double check when I have time.)

I hope this provides clarity :slight_smile:.

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