Did CCP report the change in Storyline missions derived faction standings?

I noticed since a week ago that there are some changes in the derived standings received when doing storyline missions.

For example, the lvl4 mission Materials For War Preparation given by Iwaya Naukko for Serpentis Inquest corporation was giving negative derived standing for Gallente and Minmatar factions. This was like this since forever.

Now the negative derived standings is received for Amarr, Caldari and Concord Assembly also.

Did CCP mentioned this changes? Or this is a bug?

Furthermore, the amount of faction standings gained is half what it used to be. It was +0.269 and now is +0.129. This is a significant change.


Would propose to open a ticket, CCP messed something with regards to standings in the havoc patch.

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Standings should be able to be passively raised but you have to choose between training skill points or passively raising standings

Thx. I opened a ticket.

Yes, as a part of Havoc the factions‘ attitudes towards each other was adjusted. It is not a bug because these determine derived standings (how much and to whom).


I see. That is unfortunate.

Lowering by half the faction standing gains through storyline missions is a bad move as it was already pain to increase the standings and now it will be pain x2.

Also, having pirate missions lowering standings with all empire factions instead of just 2 is also a major blow to a mission runners.

What to do. It is what it is.

This is unrelated to the patch notes which only talks about standings relationships between factions. It could be a display issue, or that social skills are not applied, or something else. It also affects all other standing gains and losses.


Please create a ticket.

The derived faction standing is the impact on other standing that you get when gaining a faction standing change. When you get a faction standing change except epics, you also gain a non-derivable faction gain on other factions, depending on the relation between the faction you gaine standing for, and the other factions. This gain is capped to the standing between those faction, so if caldari has +5 with amarr, and you already are +5 base with caldari, you won’t get a gain.

Is it still the case that CA faction standings can not be raised? (see below)

Because if that’s still the case that will mess up people’s standings without a means to correct it.

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Unless they add back in the CA agents