Should it be this way with Standing?


Since Bug Reports tend to just get “lost” these days maybe just mentioning it here will help.

Is it supposed to work this Way? I know i learned at some point how to count and i even tried using a calculator and it still seems that i am able to count, so how is this ending up that way?

I start @6.28
deny missions for -0,459
complete missions for +0.553

and end up @5.99

i am not really a friend of all these mission things but when you drop in standing while actually gaining points then how the heck should you get it up?.. not to mention that its kinda pointless to even do when you just drop in standing.

Or you could just not decline a mission more often than once every 4 hours…

well, sure, but it should still not change the basics of math or?

minus is minus and plus is plus

its not that much about the numbers and the decline itself its more about the fact that i had 6.28 standing after the extravaganza and now it shows that i had 5.90 when the extravaganza finished.

so it scaled my standing down afterwards

my question is more or less is it supposed to be that way. you can lose standing by declining is clear but that you can lose standing what you already had afterwards is bit wierd

Yes, it is supposed to be that way. The formula becomes asymptotic as you approach 10 or -10. The formula is shown here:

If you have a positive standing then it is much easier to lose standing than gain standing.

Archer (below) is referring to the messed-up graph that the game displays, that never makes any sense.

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Co-Head of the United Standings Improvement Agency [USIA] here. The standings log has been bugged beyond belief since the dawn of time. Fellow USIA Co-Head @Imiarr_Timshae, who operated The Standings Corrections Agency [TSCA] for over 10 years before forming USIA via merger with me is all too familiar with this catastrophe as well and can also attest to this. We here at USIA previously studied the standings log to figure out what is and is not consistent and have concluded:

  • if I remember correctly, the current standing is always correct
  • when your standings change, all previous standings in the graph are retroactively changed (always lowered from our observations) - this is incorrect, so as a result all previous standings in the graph are incorrect.
  • The changes in standing between any two points (the “deltas”) remain consistent even though the actual values are incorrect and are retroactively changed
  • the standing values in the log remain consistent and unchanged, however… some are actual values and some are percentages, so there is a mismatch here.

It’s basically completely unreliable for use and CCP needs to fix this. I recommend never using this at all whatsoever except for observing if a particular action gives you a “really big” gain or loss - such as a completing a specific storyline or killing a particular entity, but that exception aside you’re better off observing your current standing from the info window of the corp/agent, which is always accurate (though you need to close/reopen it whenever your standings change such as when you complete or fail a mission or take the 4-hour decline penalty)

Yeah, as Archer says, it’s a godforsaken mess.

CCP replaced what was a functional standing transaction log with this mess a few years ago and it’s completely unusable is many cases, or it just lies to you.

The formulae that CCP gives us for standing from their support page ( is now also totally useless to us because the value “i” used to be displayed by the standing transaction log, and now it is obfsucated from the player.

Sorry to say that you basically can’t trust the standings window at all.


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