Weird Corp Standing

I don’t know what happens here, so my standing increased not as expected. Everytime I got corp standing, my standing increase about 10% from actual standing. but if I failed one mission, the standing decreased 100% actual standing.

innitial standing : 9.6
failed 1 mission (-0.325) = 9.27
success 1 mission (+0.111) = 9.28
success 1 mission (+0.233) = 9.3
success 1 mission (+0.264) = 9.32
success 1 mission (+0.182) = 9.33

What happened here?

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That is how it works. As you get close to 10.0 standing, it becomes very easy to fall from grace.


Per an earlier post on the same “numbers aren’t adding up” issue:

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I see. Thank you for the link

so basically, it is long time bug that never fixed?

You might also benefit from using EVE Skill Board to monitor your base standings via ESI (especially for broker fee purposes, since base standings are used in that calculation). you can refresh hourly (delay about 20 minutes after final mission turn in to see all recent turn ins on the refresh), and can password protect your board so nobody else sees it.


Correct. It has been this way for MANY years… I believe CCP has acknowledged it more than once but never bothered to fix it.

There are numerous intricacies regarding standing mechanics… if you have any questions about how standings work, want tips on how to raise them, or would like someone to raise them for you, feel free to jump on the USIA Discord server and I or fellow USIA Co-Head Imiarr Timshae can answer your questions and discuss your needs :smile:.

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All of this is correct. but I think I can explain why the graph changes making your gains look smaller

Effective Standings = NPC Standing + Connections Skill

You can see this detail split if you hover the mouse over the NPC’s name in the list

NPC Standing is calculated as per the Eve University link for both gains and losses.

The tool tip for connections says you get a 4% bonus to standings, however this is not totally correct The bonus you get from your skill gets smaller the closer you get to 10 with that NPC (I guess the argument is your actions are now speaking for themselves rather than who you know). I couldn’t find a formula for this on the internet, but worked it out to;

Connections Benefit = (10 - standing) * (Connections Skill * 4%)

The bug is that the graph only calculates this figure once rather than for every point on the graph. This means as you complete more missions- the graph is applying a lower connections benefit to each of the data points, than you actually had at the time

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Hi o7

Just stumbled on this while looking for any known issues with recent patches.

In the last 2 weeks (ish) in CAS I have noticed several standing related questions reguarding lvl 1 missions from brand new players doing their first missions, not the usual questions we have seen over the years, no, there seems to be somethig extra wierd going on and they are unable, despite having connections at 3 or above as well as social at 3 or above, to unlock lvl 2 agents.

One lad has done so many lvl 1’s he is at 6.02 with the agent and has 9k+ LP yet he still cant access 2’s for that corp.

Anyone else hearing this or have any ideas?

cheers :parrotdad:

If your effective standing with the faction is below -2 (what we here at USIA call The Deathline™), you are restricted to L1 missions for all corps within that faction even if your corp/agent standing would normally be high enough to run higher level missions.


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