My Initial Standing Changes

I started working with an alt to increase her standings with Caldari and also Amarr to cut down on the sales tax with station trading. I made a spreadsheet to see how the order I did the missions would change the final standings and noticed that it was accurate with the game on standings with the factions that received derived standings, but for the main faction it was different. When looking at the graph I discovered that as I did missions my initial standing would change to the negative.

Here on the left you can see my initial Caldari standing after I’ve done 19 Amarr missions. These missions were all 15 career agents, 3 data center tag turn ins and 1 diploma mission. The graph is going up with each mission of course and the initial standing is 0. On the right is after I do 1 Caldari mission and my initial standing has decreased.

I have pictures of this happening after all 5 career agents, but I can only post 1 picture per posting.

Does anyone know why this is happening ? It appears as though we are penalized by doing these standing missions, but they’ve moved the penalty to the beginning of the graph which will disappear after you’ve done a few missions and you won’t see it anymore.

Just to show how bad it can get, my initial Amarr standing after doing all 15 career agents and 3 data center tag turn ins is now -0.92, so I’m loosing a whole standing point.

So thanks for any help you can give. I’d like to know the reason for this and how it’s calculated so that I can put it in my spreadsheet.

The graphs are screwed up. To get your accurate standings see.

That doesn’t explain the changing negative number at the beginning of the graph which is absolutely needed to get the standings shown both in game and on chartools. All of the numbers are the same no matter where you look at them.

The above comment is mine, accidently logged in as her. Also looking over the standings in game I noticed that the missions I did for Caldari didn’t give me any negative standing to Minmatar. If I’m reading the inter faction graph correctly, those should have a derived standing -0.20 per mission.

Instead of dragging my boss here, come to our discord where more of us can interact with you and you can share your images with us.

I used an alt to check to see if either the social skill or boosters had any effect on this declining initial standing and it still happens even if you aren’t using any of the above. I’ve only done 2 career agents so far and I’m not seeing the initial standing decline for the faction, but I’ve done this before and it didn’t happen until after I’d done some more missions. I did notice that it happened on the agents as well, but not the corporations.

Here’s an example -

Here you can see that after doing the exploration mission chain he now has that negative standing at the beginning of the graph. This must be included with all of the standings to get the current standing listed.

4 * .765 = 3.06
3.06 - .33 = 2.73

This is odd because all I did was the mission chain and that initial standing would decrease as I did them to affect the final standing.

Thanks I did log on to the Discord channel but I think everyone was busy for awhile. I’ll try again tomorrow as well.

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So i see what the problem both of you are looking at. The graph reads left to right, so the left dot is the first mission it shows. On the right is the most recent. So if you look at the last mission done, you should see the correct standings

The left most dot on these pics should be your initial standing since these alts are just starting. I can upload pics of other standings showing 0 on that first dot. It’s when you’ve done at least 4 missions that give direct standing, not derived standing, to either faction or agent that the first dot starts decreasing less than zero. Then all of the standings after that one will be recalculated and your standing slow decreases as a whole while you are working to increase it. I’ll hit the Discord tomorrow and see if I can get someone.

The chart above the standings list is bugged for years, so dont pay attention to that.

We dont have information on what it shows, or how it calculates each dot, I have a pending analysis on deriving the “how it works”, since CCP have not shared any relevant information.

The standings list bellow tho is 99.9% accurate.
It sometimes show the values at 10x of the standing gain you actually got, but that is very rare to happen.

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