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I have done some Missions now in High Sec and wanted to increase the standing torwards the 4 Empire Factions in EVE. Now I have read about the Standing Gains / Losses on EVE University and I have to state, The Wiki is wrong and outdated. I believe that this particulare article is wrong:

Special the Calculation for the Standing / Derived Standing seems to be complete diffrent this days. My standing Torwards Caldari state was 2.92 and if I got 0.875 Standing torwards Caldari State My Standing Increased to 3.79.
Now I have done the SOE Epic Arc for Gallente. My Standing was -1,57 and i gain again 0.875 and my Standing changes to -0.69.

To make it straight. If the article and this formula would be right. I would have to gain much more from Gallente then from Caldari doing this Epic Arc. I have not get a Percentage of Standing, I recieved a fixed amount of Standing. This is complete Diffrent to what is stated in the WIKI.

So I think the Standing changes are no longer calculated by this Formula and therefore there must be a change by CCP. The Same I can discover for my Agents. No Matter how high my Standing goes torwards the agend. I always get the same amount of Standing (hard numbers, not percentage) for the same Missions. No Matter if my Standing is 2.0 to this agent or like current 6.7. So There is no posability this Formula is still in use by CCP.

I am looking now for ppl who can confirm this, who has the same observation. I also interessted if you have a complete diffrent observation on the topic but so far I would state the Article from WIKI wrong and argue I can proof it by contradiction and finding one example that does not follow this rule (I could already state 2 examples)


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The standing gains from the SOE arc do not impact any other faction than the one you chose at the end of the arc. You gain standing with that faction and that is it. Unlike normal storyline missions, you do not lose any standing with opposing factions.

The wiki talks about standing gains from normal missions. The SOE Epic Arc is one of a few things that give a fixed, unchangable amount of standing without impacting other standings.


Yeah, I’m not going to try to figure out if the math is still accurate. All I can say is to make sure that you’re taking all of the social skills into account, and that you’re working with the same “standings”. There is actual/raw standings (before skill modifiers), and effective standings (after skill modifiers). So perhaps the formula is dealing with raw standings, and you’re looking at effective standings. Dunno. Don’t care enough to investigate myself.
No P2W

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I also doubt that:

If the Article would be true and the Standing Calculation works like this. I would have to obtain a logarithmic function curve on the Gain of Standing torwards the Agent. This is not the case. The Curve is linear and not logarithmic.

The same holds for the corporation

You have to cut out the first dots because they where the SOE Epic arc and give a diffrent standing. So this missions always give the same amount of Standing no matter how my standing changes.

So that is the second example. The third example is the Caldari Epic ard which always gave me 1.25 Standing. Which is also not care about the Standing I have.

I will go and do some Faction standing stuff the next days and will also observe the changes there and document them. But so Far this Formula seems not to apply for:
Epic Arcs
Agent Standing
Corporation Standing

If it will apply for Faction standing I will double check it because I will go for some stuff trying it out :slight_smile:

Feel free to reach out to we are a service that sells standings, faction and Corp, and we rely on the calculations by ccp.

Join the discord and we can help you understand how they work.


That does not sound legal men xD

We have been doing it for 12 years, utilizing a very legal way in game, via fleets. When sharing rewards on fleet, standings and lp is shared as well.

There are skills that affect your standings as well, you you end up with a base standing, and an effective standing. What you see raising is base standing. But overall, effective is raising as well

Say for instance, to be able to do any L4 mission for amarr empire you need 5.00 effective with the faction. If your connection skill is at L5, your base standing is only 3.75

Regular missions give 0 faction standings. Storyline missions and epic arcs give faction as well as Corp and agent, the very last mission in an arc is where faction standings come from.

along with everything others have said you do understand that, that wiki has nothing to do with CCP right?

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In that case, the issue lies in the ingame graph.

It is wrong, was reported as such long time ago, along with the actual issue and the fix. CCP just does not care.

Actually it took them 3 ppl to even only agree there was a problem. Turns out, actually reading what is written is not their forte - they rather try to put your bug report in an existing known bug and classify it as “duplicate”.

The lesson is : CCP are very bad at math. Which is a bad omen considering they have to maintain that “submarine simulator”.

For the People who are intressted:

  • The Formula only works for Faction Standing changes.
  • The Formula does not apply to Agent / Corporation Standing
  • The Formula does not apply to the Epic Arc Faction Standing Changes. They are fix.

So I think the Wiki needs an update to clearify the Situation that this Formula is correct for:

  • Burner Missions
  • Circle Missions
  • Storyline Missions
  • Data Center Missions
  • COSMOS Missions

It should also state that the Formula does not count for Epic Arcs, Agents and Corporation Standing.

I test it the last two days. So The Formula seems to be correct, but does not apply all the time so there should be the text more clear at this point.



Then go update it

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I think that it would be very helpful, if you include your connections and diplomacy levels, since they alter your skills in-game (visually).

The formulas on wiki, work for base standings, but in-game you see the effective (after the skills), and only see the base on the tooltip on the upper right corner of the log.

The derived standing calculation works last time I checked it a few months ago. You can go thru the links below if you want more info:

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