Career Agents Derived Standings

I recently finished a Caldari career agent’s mission and noticed that I didn’t get any derived standing increase to my Amarr standings. I put in a support ticket about it and now I have a GM trying to tell me that career agents don’t give out derived standings. They’ve actually gone back and forth about it. On this character I’ve done every career agent for every empire faction and I know for a fact that not only do these agents give out faction standing, they also give out derived standings as well. I’ve been following DeMichael Crimson’s Plan to keep my empire factions standing close to even moving forward. So how do I go about finding someone at CCP that knows what they are talking about ?

I should mention that I’m working on an alt and that’s why I’m asking this.

You may have the max amount of standings for amarr. share your skillboard and i can see whats going on with it. (USIA employee here)

If you are over 5 with amarr, you will not receive any standings from caldari missions

Thanks, but I’ve run 2 more career agent missions and found out that I am getting a derived standing increase, but it isn’t being shown in the list or graph off to the right side. Oddly enough, my Amarr standing is above 5 and I’m still getting an increase even though I’m doing Caldari agents.

BTW, good to see you again Geo. I’m the guy that had a discussion on the discord and had lots of pictures to go with it :smiley:

Sorry if i forgot your name.

Weird over the amarr standing. From what ive seen about interfaction relationships if its above 5 then caldari cannot raise it further.

I don’t know that much about it, but could the connections skill explain that apparent discrepancy?

If it wasnt trained to 5 before hand its possible it still raised it.

It’s ok Geo, I was using a different character then.

I’m going to have to take back the comment about the increase, it did give me a standing increase after doing 2 career agents and then a couple of hours later they took it back. I took screenshots to prove it. Pics or it didn’t happen. Sound familiar ? I really wish CCP would fix their standings system, but I guess that will never happen.

Qia: Thanks for the idea, but I haven’t used the Connections skill because I’m leveling up standings on that character to lower the Broker fee when doing trading. Broker fees looks at the unaltered standing when doing the trade so that skill is useless.

So in the end it’s the usual CCP bugs that they never fix.

Thanks all

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Yea the standings screen is bugged. We have lots of proof aside from what youve shown us. Doubt ccp will touch it

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