Pirate storyline missions materials

I’m blitzing lvl 1 pirate security missions to do storylines and raise my faction standings from -10 (so the diamond rats are blue).

It is all going well but last 3 storylines I got were Materials For War Preparation, which require you to bring 1000 units of Veldspar. In npc nullsec it’s impossible to get Veldspar.

  1. Is this intended that every 16 missions you gotta find a wormhole to hisec, go to a tradehub, buy veldspar, move it back to npc nullsec and then continue mission grinding?

  2. Can you somehow accumulate more than 1 storyline mission at a time? For example I did 16 security lvl 1s, then got a storyline for veldspar, then I did 30 more security lvl 1s and there were no more storyline missions offered. However, when I declined the current storyline and did 1 lvl 1 mission a new storyline was offered. It might matter so Ill mention that there is only 1 storyline agent for this pirate faction.

  3. Do you lose faction standings for declining storyline missions more often than once per 4 hours? There is a warning popup that the agent will dislike you but it doesn’t mention faction standings.

Currently I dont know what to do. Cant complete those given storyline missions, cant accumulate more than 1 storyline at a time (so cant blitz more missions) and apparently I cant even decline more than 1 storyline mission per 4 hours.

  1. Storyline missions are messed up by the resource redistribution updates. I personally have been able to buy veldspar in Venal, where I operate, but the best thing might be for you to go to highsec, buy a ton of veldspar, and move it into npc null.
  2. If there’s only 1 agent, then yeah, you have to decline the mission before getting a new one
  3. If from the same agent, yes. When you decline any mission more often than once per 4 hours, you lose standings with the agent, corp AND faction.

Hope this helps!

Thanks, that helps!
I run em in br space so sadly there is only 1 storyline agent.

Another related question - how many storyline mission types for each level are there? So far I’ve only seen 2: Materials For War Preparation and A Special Delivery. And that is for running security lvl 1 missions.

To be honest, I got no idea. And it probably varies by faction - materials for war preparation and a special delivery are for all factions, but there are also encounter missions that vary by faction. Level 1 security missions tend to be Materials for War Preparation or A Special Delivery though.

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