Stuck getting lvl 1 storylines

Doing only level 4 missions in Security and no matter what region of eve I go or any faction, my storyline missions are always level 1.
Been this way for a while.
Anyone incounter this?

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Display bug (I assume). The story line agents are shown as level 1. I decline mine to avoid standing loss.

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Yeah, it’s a display bug, Storyline Agents are multi level. The difficulty level of the missions they offer are appropriate to the level of the regular mission Agent you were working for.

Can’t be display bug as missions are easy.
I just finished 16 more level 4s in another region, still lvl 1 storyline.

Hmm, checked my mission offers … the rewards really look like lvl1 … hmmm. When I look for SL agents in the finder, then they are all shown as lvl1.

maybe because all SL agents are L1 ?

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Yeah pretty sure they’re all level 1… The missions they give differ based on what level missions you ran 16 of though.

Ok, thanks :nerd_face:

You should be able to cross reference the actual level of the story line mission by the mission title in the mission guides. They’re mixed in with the regular missions, but true level info is there along with the standing boosts info.

Combat storyline missions here:

Distribution storyline missions here:

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After revisiting my own mission history and rechecking the above links, I’ve found that for combat storyline missions, I always get the Lv4 Shipyard Theft. But for distribution storylines, I only get the lv2 ones, I don’t ever seem to get the Lv4 distribution storylines. But could also be bad luck I guess.

Also just noticed that only the Gallente Shipyard Theft(Serpentis) posts standings info. I guess the other empires don’t care about their standings to update their storyline info… :man_shrugging:

I asked myself this for a while, but then I realized the missions DO scale up depending on which level the 16 agents where.
For example you get the limited implant (+1) for 1000 veldspar when having done level 1’s (it doesn’t matter what TYPE they were, be they mining, distrubution or security)
1500 scordite for the +2 (forgot the name)
10k omber for the “Basic” implant (+3) etc.

The reason (I think) the storyline-agents are all ‘level 1’ is that us such they are always free/available, no matter what your faction standing is.
If they were of a higher level, you could not get their missions if the faction has a standing of <-2 with you, which restricts you to only do level 1 missions no matter what corp or agent standing you have.

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Storyline Agents are multi-level, those Agents will offer storyline missions that are equal in difficulty level as the regular Agent.

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