Agent missions - diversity to increase

Make more different scenarios. For all the divisions (not only security).

At the moment there are very little amount of mission scenarios. Working on agent you can have only about 5-6 different missions. PVE is core content and very important content. Why there can’t be complete and full mission system.

Yeah, you wouldn’t think it would take 10 years for some new mission PvE content. And yet…

I read the title of the thread and thought it was about gender diversity and how all agents appear to be clearly either male or female, and nothing in between.

Pretty sure the designers didn’t anticipate there being 112 (current count) gender designations. I’m fine with two (it’s not like I pay attention to mission assignments anymore…)

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Missions and combat anomalies basically exist as “cashflow for capsuleers”. In a sandbox game like Eve, it isn’t the developers job to entertain the players. Their job is creating an environment where we can entertain each other.

There are lots of things CCP can do to spice up missions - the new AI can make them more challenging, procedural generation could make every mission unique, shared repositories for loot and/or reinforcements could make them interdependent - adding a bit of complexity.

The problem with doing these things is that a lot of mission /anomaly runners are simply ISK farmers - they want it to be the same each time!

not exactly. they exist for two reasons

a way to inject isk and mods into the economy and to get players into space.

they have steddely added both new missions and new pve content since the game started what exactly is your point



I would also like to see more diversity. But I don’t see the need to change/remove the current missions. If there are a lot of people who like to do the boring job of just farming these day after day, fine by me.
Diversity should come in new stuff - like it is happening already from time to time. More epic arcs would help, especially some suited for new players - I’m sure this could help to keep more of the new subscribers. And they could be used as some form of extended tutorial to learn about more and more aspects of the game. Of course this does require a lot of dev time while not improving much of the actual gameplay. So give it time.
And keep in mind, once you know the stories, they aren’t new anymore - so this never ends. Even randomizing things and procedural generating have their limits.

Well, maybe not all of it has been good so far. I can’t think of a way to make the resource wars any more boring … :slight_smile: - all that wasted dev time …

Procedural generating is good for mining missions and for some parts of other divisions missions (items, personalities etc).
For division and security missions (and especially for R&D missions) there should be more new scenarios created.

Yes, I can imagine some randomizing or procedural generating could improve the quality of missions. Maybe with some new agents or new source where to get them first, so the farmers and traditionalists get used to the changes first.

Changing missions would require more attention and keep you on your toes - and why shouldn’t the XY-faction adapt to your style? If you always show up in that same big artillery BS, let them start throwing huge swarms of very fast close range frigates at you. (this part was fluff)

Don’t worry - there would be no need to really calculate this based on your favorite ship type - randomly changing mission setups would lead to bad combinations on their own (as if the opponents thought about it). That way you will never be able to predict things like, “oh, it has been 3 missions, now they’ll use their frigate swarms”.

Paired with better AI, this would certainly make missions more interesting and more fun to play. This could even lead to more mixed mission fleets instead of just a lot of boring solo farming into the night.
And why not leave the old system there as well - until the numbers of people flying these drop, or not. They certainly would if the rewards in the new, riskier missions were better.

Yep, now I like the idea.

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Existing system may still persist but for lower level of missions. I would say level 3. Actually level 1, 2 and 3 missions has no such a big differences compared of how much standing it’s gaining requires.

All this new system could be implemented as level 5 missions (and some parts of level 4). And - yes - level 5 missions like this also could be available in high-sec.

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