Faction missions, how to avoid them?

Hey, newbie here.

I’m trying to work out which NPC corp gives the least amount of faction damaging security missions. Been checking the wiki and just googling it but haven’t found anything conclusive or really useful. Is there a list somewhere perhaps or is there logic to it?

I know you can decline missions once every 4 hours but if at all possible I’d help the situation by choosing the right NPC corp to begin with.

Yes. There is a corporation out there that doesn’t affect any standings at all for you if you do missions for them. It is called: Interbus. The downside is that they don’t have an LP store.

Other option for you is to work on Diplomacy skill and follow this guide while doing missions for any other faction than Interbus:

Have fun !

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ideally you are looking for missions that are up against other factions, like Enemies abound, gives massive faction drop to gallente if you are caldarian. sometimes you can still complete those missions without taking any faction damage, IF the factors of faction loss ie. killing certain ships or stations, are not required to complete mission. for L3 missions we have a list of missions as part of the USIA, that are either too long, or do too much damage to faction standings…

So besides a very specific corp that’s crap in a different way they’re all equally “bad” and the solution is to just deal with it. I can live with that, thank you both.

As a sidenote, trying to avoid spamming another thread, I’ve been looking at the LP store income using that fuzzy website. It seems as if Amarr gets kinda shafted when it comes options and values?

I started playing last week and after learning more decided to fully focus on Amarr for my character and also location and shipwise. If I’d focus on missions for pve that might backfire?

There is none. At least not to a degree, where you can talk about it seriosely. You will have to skip faction missions or you will face the need to fix your standings like I did. My best solution for that problem is to sit somewhere, where you can switch to other agent quickly. For example Ardene. You have minmatar L4 mission agent next door in Adralezoen (0.5 security system) and caldari agent in Ney (again, 0.5 security system). They will fix your standing for opposite factions quite effectively. With reasonably good LP payment. Local CODE members will take care of your MTU, so you will never ever have to waste your time gather them.


This is what you going to do.

1 -Decide about the most important faction that you don’t want to lose standing… if you don’t want to gain negative standing against guristas and gallente … i would say cladari missions not really ideal for you…

2- You need to find a station with two lvl 4 agents ! from same corporation and same faction you grinding… There is just you need to be bit more clever to fiddle with ingame agents search tool and use some advanced search parameters.

3- whenever one of those agents gives you a mission check mission’s name from this list!

In that list you can see all the missions names and in case you accept the mission you will see what kind of burden you will take over… and just refuse the missions against for example all empire factions .

that way you wont loose so much standing and never loose freedom of travel in EVE Online …

If one agent gives you mission against empire factions… just refuse it then roll for the next agent… most of the time they give different missions while one of them on cooldown without costing you any standing loss against that agent … you do the other one…

though time by time … they may give both missions against the same faction for example… then take a breake after cool down refuse this one and get the new mission from other agent… you can juggle around that way… or you can roll for SOE mission agents ( NOT epic arc ! ) LP store stuff is profitable…
Also you can consider some factions mainly settle down in null areas if you never consider to go and settle down with that toon in null sec… lol… i have messed up with one of Pirate Faction once soo badly with one of my alt :stuck_out_tongue: but doent care because i never see them in space and never got shot by them due to her area of interaction and interest.

Mission running not even my special i do PVP… but if you have any question feel free to reach out to me ingame

Hope this post helps you little bit and hope its answer your question o/
And also if anyone have some extra information please add … i cant remember how many minute you need to wait was it 15 min ? Before you refuse offered mission without penalty ? Or 30 min ?

Declining a mission for a specific agent more than once every four hours will cause a standings loss with the agent, corporation and faction. Also quitting or running out of time on a mission you’ve accepted will cause a standings loss with the agent, corporation and faction.

If you recently declined a mission and that agent offers you another undesired mission, you can click DELAY, wait out the four hour timer while you go do something else and then decline.


the good thing is, the standing loss with faction, for declining in the 4 hours is only -0.001. Corp and Agent is what is hit hard on that end. I try not to quit a mission, so i don’t recall if the standing loss for faction is the same or worse than -0.001

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