Information concerning what mission to reject cause of standings


I am looking for a piece of information regarding security agents missions. It gives information on how to avoid missions that can affect standings of one of the 4 main factions. I don’t remember if they listed the particular missions or told what to look out for. I believe it was on eve university but I can’t find it anymore. Is it allright to ask here?

I remember reading about it a couple of days ago but I can’t find it anymore no matter what I search for.

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There are a number of sources that cover this, ranging from Eve Uni to The Plan (by @DeMichael_Crimson) and the USIA standings guide/extension to The Plan (by @Archer_en_Tilavine), but it basically boils down to looking at the enemy listed for the mission: if it is a specific faction, the mission will include killing ships of said faction, which will impact standings with that faction. You can minimize standing hits if you need to take a mission by not killing all spawned ships (blitzing the mission) and avoiding unnecessary structure kills, as structures provide especially large standing hits. Some missions have blitz paths that do not cause standing hits, others have mandatory standing hits that are large and make the mission suboptimal if you need to balance standings between various factions - but there are lots of strategies for managing all of the above.


Just to add a few things to Mkikaden’s excellent answer, most mission cards will tell you the faction you’re fighting (look for the faction icon). However, I seem to recall a few lacking that information. So, if you’re ever in doubt, you can look up a mission hyar:

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Maybe this is what you read -

@Mkikaden_Tiragen basically told you how to avoid getting negative standing hits and @Shipwreck_Jones posted a great resource for pre-mission intel. However if you’d like to have more info on repairing negative standings and or boosting positive standings, check out ‘The Plan’…

Archer will probably show up later and post a link to his Standings Service.

Anyway, good luck to you.


Even though you can protect standings somewhat by avoidance keep in mind that some of the most lucrative missions are the ones vs other empire factions. So some people just do missions for the highest reward and don’t care if they have bad standing to the enemy faction. Keep in mind that eventually standings can get so low that certain area’s faction police come after them.

For example my standings are such that if I go in Amarr or Caldari space the faction police will come after me. I don’t care because I embraced the criminal lifestyle (was -10 security status for a long time) so no point in worrying about bad standings with empire factions.

You can even do pirate missions and become blue to the pirate diamond rats.

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Thanks all. My last missions were from some time ago so I didn’t remember anymore. But now I’ve found the mission reports in Eve-Survivall, that has all the intell I need.

I’ll look at “The Plan” as well just for information.

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