Available/Offered Missions vs. Standings (Level 1-3)


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So I have a standing with the Caldari Navy right now of 1.7, and 1.6 with the agent, but I’m able to Accept Level 2 missions. But, I can’t accept/not offered Level 3. I thought you had to have a standing of 2.0 for Level 2 missions, with either (or both) the NPC corp and the agent? (I used play EVE back in the day, so I may not be remembering that correctly)? I would like to get to Level 3 as soon as I can, so just trying to figure it out… thanks for any help!

My related skills (if this helps at all) are Social V, Connections V, Fast Talk II, Negotiation V, Security Connections V.

(Caterpil) #2

1.0 for level 2 missions
3.0 for level 3 mission
5.0 for level 4 missions
7.0 for level 5 missions

(Arthur Aihaken) #3

I thought you needed a standing of 3, but I may be wrong. Just keep plugging away and you’ll be offered L3 missions sooner as opposed to later.

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(Keno Skir) #5

It’s so newbros don’t get locked out of level 1 with their 0.0 standings.

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