Requirements for getting level 2{and upwards} jobs from the agency?

(Jaa Vondar) #1

Is there a certain number of level 1’s you must do before you can get level 2?
Also does the skill connections have any impact on this?

(Dyver Phycad) #2

You get missions from agents, not the agency. You need a standing of 1.0 or better to a particular agent, NPC corp or NPC faction to run L2 missions for them, 3.0 standing to the same for L3, 5.0 standing for L4 and 7.0 and higher for L5 missions. And again, you do not get any mission from the agency. Only actual NPC agents provide you with missions.

(Jaa Vondar) #3

Thank you…
Does the skill Connections affect this in any way?

(Dyver Phycad) #4

Skill at interacting with friendly NPCs. 4% Modifier to effective standing from friendly NPC Corporations and Factions per level. Not cumulative with Diplomacy or Criminal Connections.

I would say so, but only towards empire factions.

(Do Little) #5

Social and connections skill will improve your standings with NPC factions. As stated, you need +1.0 standings with either the agent, corporation or faction to be offered a level 2 mission. This is easily achieved by completing the career missions for the faction (F12 will direct you to the career agents if you didn’t complete this after the tutorial).

Also run the SOE Epic Arc ( which will give you a nice standing boost with the faction of your choice. Several missions in the arc are more challenging than level 1’s.

(Boldly Gone) #6

Skilling Social and Connections quite early may help.

(Chainsaw Plankton) #7

with connections lv3 or higher the answer is one lv 1 mission. will take you from 0.01 standing to 1+ (and if you want pirate missions looks like criminal connections works in a similar way but for the pirate factions)

and fwiw diplomacy 5 will take you from -1 to a little over +1, but yea I wouldn’t recommend that if you are just starting out.

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