Need help level 2 missions

hi, im currently trying to get lvl 2 mission and eventually lvl3 combat mission,right now i have .75 standing with caldari state but it seem so hard to get to 1, what missions do i need to do to get lvl 2 then to lvl3 security, mining, etc? is there a specific mission or agent i have to get or talk to?


Try looking for Cadari Navy security mission agents specifically. Also see the social skills category in the in game market, there are some skills that will help you if you train them to lv 2 - 3 or 4. :slight_smile:

Also, there are these

Impetus Potency-75 Glamourex Booster

Impetus Potency-50 Glamourex Booster

but will cease to be consumable after YC121.10.06

June 10th I believe.

And to add, I believe Faction Warfare missions are a quick standings increase as well, but will hurt the standings opposite to that faction, just fyi.

ah ok, i’ve been doing agent missions from yiri or yitiri agent (forgot exactly), what happen when other faction goes negative? also does that booster stack and does it have side effect or something since theres a neurotoxin skill?

Well, when in extreme negative standings with said faction, when in high sec, you would be attacked by the navy police. Taxes and fees are slightly increased as well at NPC stations where you have a negative standing with.

tbh IDK We havent used one. You have to read the info, attributes tab, and or just pop one and see what it is, use a google spreadsheet to track your gains and the delta :slight_smile:

just to make sure thats only the navy police of negative standing factions right?
also does it matter if you have negative standing on other ones? like if i move in low sec or null they kinda dont matter no?

You shouldn’t be attacked in low or null sec by any navy police correct. and yea, only the factions you have a -2.0 standing or something with, would you be at risk of in high security space.

you are a big help, thank you. ive been looking in other post and its confusing at heck and im new in eve.

You shouldnt have to worry about it much if you avoid Faction Warfare or till you are grinding lv 4’s like mad… unless something had changed with the missions or standings system over the time since I have done them.

Be fluid, things change in Eve and often we are wrong about something. TBH though, you make better money in wormhole space if thats your thing… grinding anoms or missions, etc. :slight_smile:
Start with a class one wh. do your research on them and use a scout if you can. Always bring probes and a probe launcher and a mobile depot, extra probes too.

The skill “Social” will get you into level 2’s all by itself at level 4 I believe.

You also want “Connections” that give you a 4% bonus to standing increase per level, so the grind goes quicker.

And “Negotiation” that give you 5% extra pay per level so you get more ISK per mission while you grind to the level 3’s

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