How To Acces Level 2 Missions?

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Can anyone tell me how to acces lvl 2 Missions for “fighting”? I did around 25+ Missions but still cant access the lvl 2 Missions.

An agent’s level determines the standings you require to receive a mission from that agent.

  • Both corporate and faction standings can be used to meet an agent’s requirement. Note that for faction standings, you will need standings with the faction the agent’s corporation is a member of, NOT the faction whose space you are currently in.

Note: All agents above level I require faction standing above -2.0. This supersedes any corporate standings.

Standing Requirements:

  • Level I: None
  • Level II: 1.0 or higher
  • Level III: 3.0 or higher
  • Level IV: 5.0 or higher
  • Level V: 7.0 or higher

there are also skills that can increase standings or decrease enemy standings etc.

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I think Geo eclipse covered it all, if you need any further help feel free to mail me

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Thank you very much guys, I probably need more Rep for this then :slight_smile:

yea just pay attention to, if your L2 is not in the same station as L1, that the L2 is of the same corp, Until Faction standings are better that is.

Like I can fly any L4 under Caldari State banner, My highest standings are with Caldari Navy, but I’m flying right now with Corporate Police Force. With CN, I have free reprocessing, but not with CPF since my standings with them are not high enough yet.

I started Lvl 2 Missions after skilling Social, Connection, and Negotiation to at least 3.

These skills boost your standing with friedly corps and groups a big deal and increase the money you make with missions.

Enjoy - and don’t try to kill all the rats in “Recon” :wink:


Thank you that sounds great I will start training them now, didnt had any of them:D

I’m going to add a little more information to what Geo said.

First, there are NPC factions. The four main NPC empires, Amarr, Caldari, Gallente and Minmatar. There are also the “pirate” factions, Angels, Blood Raiders Guristas, Serpentis and Sisters of Eve. They have missions as well (there are a few more “pirate” factions but from memory the others. don’t have missions). Concord, the Hisec NPC space police of Eve also have some missions.

The main empires and the main pirate factions have NPC corporations which are under the protection of their parent empire/pirate faction. The NPC corps have “agents” who give the missions to players. These agents are normally found in NPC stations. You have to find the agents. most of them will not come to you.

Every 16 missions, there will be a “storyline” mission where an NPC agent will contact you with a mission offer. These are optional, you can decline them. These storyline missions normally involve fighting ships from one of the other main factions and will cause you to lose standings with that faction.

If you do a lot of missions for an Amarr NPC corp and do their storyline missions which ask you to fight Minmatar ships, you will lose standing with the Minmatar main faction. Do that often enough to get a standing of negative 5 or lower with Minmatar, you become “shoot on sight” to Minmatar NPC ships in systems under Minmatar control.

To get to higher level missions, you need to increase your standing with both a main faction and an NPC corp which is part of that faction. Completing missions for a Gallente NPC corp will increase your standing with that NPC corp and with it’s parent faction Gallente.

Once your standings hit the right level, you have unlocked the next level of missions available from that NPC corp. You will need to find a new agent in that NPC corp that can give you the new higher level missions. Agents only give missions for a specific level, so agent A gives level 1 missions, agent B gives level 2 missions, agent C gives level 3 missions, etc. Each NPC corp will normally have multiple level 1 agents, multiple level 2 agents, etc.

Each main faction has multiple NPC corps, and each NPC corp has multiple agents. Completing missions for agent A in NPC corp ABCD will raise your standing with both the main faction and the corp ABCD, but if you switch to doing missions for a different corp in a different faction, your standings do not carry over, you have to grind out all new standings with the new corps and faction.

“My character race is X, can I only do missions for NPC corps in the X faction?”
No, you can do missions for any NPC corp in any faction, depending on your standings. I have personally unlocked level 4 missions for multiple NPC corps in all four of the main empires, the game does not restrict me to missions for only one faction or only one NPC corp. If I get bored doing missions for a Caldari NPC corp, I can talk to an NPC corp agent from Amarr or Gallente or Minmatar and do missions for them instead.

You can do missions for any NPC corp in any faction as long as your standings with that NPC corp and faction are high enough.

“How high do missions go?”. Most NPC corp missions stop at level 4, some have level 5 missions. There are no NPC agent missions rated higher than level 5.


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