Storyline agents

Is there a way to find storyline agents for a specific coporation? I’d like to minimize the low mission level grind as much as possible by doing missions near a storyline agent for the same corp I want to gain standing for (Caldari Navy and Emperor Family), for my trading character.

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This app might help.

To find Storyline Agents, select the Corp name, then select Faction name and select Level 1.
No need to select Division type.
In the ‘Sort By’ section, select ‘Agent Type’ and ‘Descending’.

Upon submitting that, the list should first show ‘Generic Storyline Mission Agent’. Any other type such as ‘Epic Arc Agent’, ‘Event Mission Agent’ and ‘Basic Agent’ doesn’t matter.


Thank you!

It’s a bit weird we can’t do this in game in an easier manner but I’m happy there is an option for it at least.

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Yeah, CCP isn’t known for making things easy. Their database has all Storyline Agents classified as Level 1.

Anyway, that app should help you find Corp Storyline Agents.

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