How can I find locations of storyline agents?

I’m recently back and starting fresh on a new character, and I want to do some mission running, so I want to raise my faction standing so I can get better missions.

Two questions about storyline missions.

I know I get one every 16 missions and I get assigned to the closest storyline agent. I want to set myself up doing lvl 2s near a storyline agent of the corp I’m grinding so I don’t get faction with some random corp I don’t care about, like I just did. I’m trying to get faction navy standings and they sent me to some random useless corp for my storyline. Is there a list somewhere of where storyline agents are located?

Second question, from what I’m reading I should get a faction standing boost for doing the storyline mission, but the one I just did gave me no faction boost, just a standing boost with the useless corp. Did this change? EDIT: Maybe the server was just slow, the faction standings tick shows now, /shrug

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In game you can open The Agency (should be the icon under your avatar in the NeoCom)
Select Agents and Missions
Select Agent Finder

You can search by agent type, corporation etc from there.

I tried that. Storyline agents aren’t listed there

Dotlan has an agent finder. Agent - DOTLAN :: EveMaps Choose the corporation you want and Generic Storyline Mission Agent from the dropdown lists.

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then you best not do any… you will get standings for corps you dont care about… even if the storyline agent is with the corp you are running missions for.

only way you ARE going to get standings for your corp and nothing else is… do normal missions for them… THE END…

does this mean your going to do anti faction missions because you dont care for any corp but the one you want to do missions for?

Thanks for that, I will check it out

That tip worked out great, I found a station with a few lvl 2 agents and a stoyline agent, can’t get closer than the same station :slight_smile: Hopefully I will have similar luck when I graduate to lvl 3s.


I did exactly what you are looking to do no more than a month ago, and the stroryline agents were listed in the agent type drop down list then!

DOTLAN works too though :slight_smile:

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