Looking for anyone with a location of storyline agents

When CCP gave us The Agency they never put the storyline agents list in it. Yes I asked and asked and im pretty sure they aren’t going to fix it.

Is there anyone with any wiki or anything that has locations of Storyline agents?

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I don’t want to sound ungrateful because that’s a whole lot farther than I was, but it sure would be nice to be able to narrow down the search criteria.

Maybe I am just unfamiliar with the tool but it seems limited.

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Well, on Dotlan you can go lookup specific NPC corporations and see a list of all their agents with special indicators for storyline agents and locator agents.

The other page just gives you a list of all storyline agents in alphabetical order.

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If I remember correctly though a storyline agent being in the same corp as the one you are doing missions for is not a requirement it is simply done on what is closest to where you were missioning.

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These sites may help,




Google is your friend.

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