How to find Agents (L4 Mission e.g.)?

Back after 2 years overseas and I cannot find the ‘agent finder’.

Is there any way to do this in game?

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You can try the Agency window, but for me dotlan map + works the best.


they combined the angent finder with The agency. It can be a bit touchy at times, but I’ve never really had an issue finding combat agents. Other agents i’ve had a tricky time finding.

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Ok - the Agency … I had looked but didn’t pick up on that. I assume I can somehow say L4 Caldari … and voila - it will give me all the relevant distro ones.

Otherwise … external it is!

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it will give you 10 or 12 of the closest ones, so it can be kinda useful, but it misses a lot of opportunities. External sources are probably better


Find the type of agent you wish to work for, the corporation which has it for the faction you wish rewards from, and then search those corporations.

Old but useful.

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just click your corporation/faction and look at the available agents …
They are all listed, by type/level, and with their distance and system sec written.

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Many thanks all, found what I needed … so to speak.

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I use both ways to locate agents.

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