Can no longer find missions

the agent finder no longer lets me brows the agents i want to work with. im limited to only 12 and i cant exclude agents in low/null. there is no way to just brows agents by lv or what is available to me. the only option is highest available but again it shows low sec and i want to find lower lv agents

I also would like to see a filter to set system sec status when seeking agents.

However, if you are looking for agents I suggest looking at the LP store of factions in your area and start by selecting a suitable agent this way. You’ll make much more money

Try this, soooo much better than what CCP can do with their own info. :roll_eyes:

Thanks for this, I’ve somehow not seen it before.

My gripe with the new system is that it gives me frame rate drops when changing filters, I cant search a specific region, no highsec/lowsec filters, and results are limited to like 10 or something.

Yup, terrible isn’t it.

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