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Hi guys,

New player here. I finished all the career agents and doing the sisters now. After I intend to do some more agents to get my wallet and experience going before advancing into pvp.
Minmitar has my highest standing so I thought it would be the best faction to find an agent in. Also I know I should be looking for a 0.5 regio for maximum gains. Are there any other things to take in consideration when choosing an agent?
Im flying a trasher with guns for now…

Thanks in advance! o7

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Some evil people would tell you, that it is important to do missions for a corporation, whose loyality points (aka LP) gives you most ISK per point (good rate is 1,5 isk per point, you can get 2 or even more, but not constatnly, market changes) but I think it is more important to find place you wnat to live in. My eyes bleeded badly after missioning in Langissi. Cause of red minmatar nabula. So you take your time, fly around, find place you like, where you can feel yourself home…

After that you use agent finder and dotlan map to find out, who offer level 4 security missions there. Use “buy prices” button on (with The Forge selected) to find out, who offer better LP / isk ratio. Make your choice and get back to Dotlan - now you have to plan your standings grind for that corportation. Buy yourself Gnosis and learn how to fit / fly it untill you get skills.
Google up eve-survival web site - it will give you infromation about what damagge type to apply and what are the triggers in missions. If you want , you can read up Blitz and Burner Guide v1.2.3, many mission runners try to blitz missions, but for me it is a boring repetitive job, thogh very ISK effective. I like unpredicatbility of loot, different views in different missions, so I do not limit myself to 5-6 missions but do any I like. Game, not the job, remember? :wink:


When choosing area for running mission(s):

  • 0.5 System will give highest ISK/LP per mission in rewards (in HS). - as you mentioned
  • Min 4-5 jumps to nearest Low/Null sec system, to avoid getting sent there.
  • Choose the best type of Mission to suit you goals:
    • Security missions if you want best ISK/H using an appropriate BS and fit.
    • Distribution missions if all you want is to get your standing up with the Corp. I can recommend Heron and Nereus for the job.
    • Mining missions are pretty much useless.
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A slight nitpick – 0.5 System will give highest ISK/LP per mission in rewards, in high sec… you can also mission (for the same factions as in HS) in low sec (0.1 – 0.4) where the rewards will be higher. Whether this is enough to compensate your eventual losses will depend on how often you lose your ship, but not losing your ship is a skill only learned in low sec. It’s a lot more exciting though.

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hehe… minor hickup :hushed:

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and pirate missions in nullsec which pay even more LP.

It may be worth picking a more convenient agent in a higher sec space for low level missions. lv 1/2 rewards are pretty low and you should pretty quickly out grow them, so I wouldn’t spend too long looking for a perfect agent.

The other primary factor I would look for is no lowsec systems in the constellation. Most agent missions take place in constellation. There’s a roughly even chance for each system to come up in the mission selection rng, with a little weighting to system traffic, so if you have 2 highsec systems and 4 lowsec systems in constellation there’s a good chance a bunch of your missions will spawn in lowsec.

There’s also constellation layout to consider. Lets use lanngisi as an example as it’s one of the best areas for mission running, look at the constellation you can see it on the map here: the systems are all pretty well connected so the max you have to do is 2 jumps. Now lets look at the Meinigefur constellation it’s pretty much a straight line, if you mission in one of the end systems you might have to go 6 jumps to get to the other end.

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They’re not useless just like ISD isn’t useless. Ya feel me?!

Mining missions offer an alternative for those who like mining and want to get LPs and standings with certain NPC corporations.

Someone made a guide for them too.


Re: Mining missions are pretty much useless…

Pretty bold statement, where did this opinion come from?

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