Mission Agents

I found out today that some NPC LP Stores charge less LP for some items than others do (the example I read about was for a Caldari Hookbill), t got me thinking about missions in general and how to choose the corps that you do missions for.

I can search for agents and i can search LP stores all day long but it doesnt really help me in finding a good corp to work with, things I have been looking for are more than one agents (of the level that I can do) in one system, or at least within one jump of eachtother

what do you guyslook for when deciding what corp to go to in order to run missions.

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use this site
see the isks/lp for different items in different corps


:red_circle: My deciding factors is whether I like the corp or not. For instance, my mission running chars have not much sympathy (from an RP-lite point of view) for Gallente affairs, but I really like Poteque Pharmaceutical for having agents all over the cluster and their logo and their market activity is intriguing.

Other reasons are available Locator agents and the ability to fix standing hits with relative ease.

i’m familiar with that site, but it is only limited in its ability to help me find good corps to work with, i prefer https://www.ellatha.com/eve/LP-Stores which at least allow you to see all items annd their associated costs on 1 page.

I suppose if you are RP then (as youve pointed out) the choice can be made more difficult.

How does this corp you mention allow you to fix standings with ease over other corps?

:red_circle: I mainly fly missions for Amarr, which means my standings with Minmatar suffer from time to time. I tried running L1 distro missions for Minmatar in the Domain area but it was not very effective because of a lack of suitable storyline agents (distro storylines) nearby. Later, I found some Poteque stations with L1 distro agents and storyline agents in the same station. That sped up the standing repair back to below -5 by a lot. Moreover, it also feels like that Poteque gives better standing gains towards Minmatar than Minmatar itself.

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sounds like the ones to use if i need standing boosts for Minmatar, thanks.

hookbill probably isn’t the best example, the low lp cost offer is from the FW store so not really consistent with normal mission running. and that goes for ships in general.

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