Loyalty Point Store Differences

I know that some LP stores have unique items, for eg SOE have the SOE Probes & Launchers etc, and some of the smaller NPCs have specific items, eg Thukker Mix have some unique named items.

But everyone else seems to have the same items, all Amarr LP stores for eg seem to list everything the same. Is that the actual case or are there any differences in these stores in terms of either the items offered or the number of LP used to purchase them.

If so, is there a way of finding this info out easily as opposed to trawling through every single NPC LP store?

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There is a 3rd party site that publishes the LP database

You will find some variance in the skill hardwiring implants and faction modules/blueprints offered. The LP stores are old and overdue for a refresh but so are the missions that award the LP!


Hi Do Little, Thanks. I have been on that site, but it seems to be a list of LP items, not the differences between them. Lets say I was wanting to do Amarr NPC Missions in order to get and use their LP (putting aside the overhaul that is needed on LP).

Would there be any advantage for going with Sarum Family over Zoar and Sons for example. without comparing every item (or even every implant or blueprint option if that is all the potential differences).

I feel that it is something not available in game, perhaps because they are old and need work. I also use Fuzzworks site to see which is the best options in terms of ratio but that seems to be ablout the best there is atm.

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You need to do some homework! If I was running missions for Zoar & Sons, I would buy the 5 run BPC for Imperial Navy EANM. Assuming I buy the tags at current sell order pricing, the BPC will cost me about 167 million plus 27000 LP. The modules are popular and sell for 50 million - profit for 5 will be roughly 80 million or 3000 isk/lp

Compare that to the +4 implants most mission runners buy which are lucky to earn 1000 isk/lp

These are rough numbers but illustrate my point - you can do much better by using buy orders for the tags.

Every LP store has a few diamonds mixed in with the coal - it’s up to you to find them!


Sounds fair, thanks for the guidance.


54M last two days, I’m out of stock. (53 after taxes and broker fee)
sigh … I will have to farm again I guess.
However the issue is, that to gain those 80M, you need to invest 170m and wait some time, so it’s a 50% margin over possibility several month. It’s interesting, but in some cases it may not be that much.

back to topic : actually some items are not sold in all the lp stores of a corporation. eg damage modules. Someone claimed there are 3 LP store group per faction, dunno if it’s right. I guess I could test it, not sure if it is worth the time.

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You do have the option of accepting missions against Minmatar and harvesting some or all of the tags. If you’re running level 4 missions for Zoar & Sons, you really shouldn’t worry too much about your Minmatar standing!

I don’t know what the drop rate for the tags is but the potential exists to get the BPC for 11 million cash plus the time it takes you to run the missions.

People these days want to be friends with everyone and many choose to blitz missions - abandoning the loot & salvage. If you’re running missions anyway, accepting the standings hit and taking the bit of extra time to loot the tags can be quite profitable.


afaik each of the major empires have two sets of lp stores , with some unique items to each . you can search for a specific offer , eg. caldari navy bcu 5 run bpc , will show some caldari corps will offer it others will not …


I’m not sure if there is no interesting amarr corporation agent in minmatar space (protip : I lied)
If you really want those bpcs you need more tags than the missions can provide to you.

at least 3 : fw, non-fighting, fighting. fighting are those with damage mod bpcs (eg bcu).

In my experience there are usually 3 types of (major faction) corps based on the things they sell in their LP stores: fighting, mining/manufacturing and exploration. All sell things like ammo and basic implants but also sell other implants, skill books, mods and blueprints based on their type. Fuzzwork is good for letting you know which one they are and what their stuff sells for in Jita.

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I think the amount of Agents that are available in near proximity is also a factor in deciding which Corporation to run for LP items.

Once I get some time in game I will do some research, but I think I’ve been looking at it the wrong way, but i need to try few things to determine if that is the case. Hopefully at some point CCP will look to overhaul this LP lark anyway seeing as they announced that what to make things easier for people

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