Loyalty Points?

What’s the point? Everything in the LP store seems like it’s cheaper in the Regional Market.

Not everything, but a lot are.

Some stuff in the LP stores are also available as loot drops or mission rewards. In my experience, the most valuable items in the LP stores are faction blueprint copies - even there you need to be careful - some items like the Imperial Navy Multispectrum Energized Membrane are extremely profitable, even if you purchase the tags on the market. Others are a waste of time - you need to do your homework.

It appears that CCP is fiddling with the LP rewards on Singularity. No official communication thus far. If they make changes, profitability calculations will need to be updated.

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As others have said, @Do_Little in particular, the various items available from the LP stores differ both in profitability and in demand. Therefore you are going to need to do a little research.
(Eve does reward effort - and modest spreadsheet skills!)

https://www.ellatha.com/eve/LP-Stores-Isk is a very useful site for this kind of thing (be aware it doesn’t handle “makes more than one” terribly well! - for example, Navy Crystals are a steady profit not a loss) - I suspect there are other sites that can do something similar.

The trap is not all NPC Corporations provide all items through their LP stores, so some LP is worth more than others. For example, while running missions for Emperor Family Academy is good for standings with them, thus reduces costs on the Amarr market, their LP isn’t staggeringly valuable.

To be honest, I don’t tend to factor in the value of the LP when I’m mission running. I run missions to relax and for a change of scene rather than for profit. I get that elsewhere!

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If this were the General Discussion section there might well be people saying they agree with OP and loyalty points are a waste don’t even bother with them just to possibly cut the competition by a few folk.

Guys above gave the real answer.

EvE is fun.

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