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I am currently using https://www.fuzzwork.co.uk/lpstore/ in order to check out items to get from the loyalty store where I do missions from. however you need to enter each region at a time in order to check out all the prices. Is there a way, be it on Fuzzworks or another LP site that allow me to search over a region.

Also I’ve heard that some places buy LP, how does selling Loyalty Point work?

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Why you need that? 99.9% you will find best price/volume in Jita

You get ‘x’ item from LP store, they pay you ‘y’ amount of isk for it. It works same way, you just bypass market. There is no other way to “transfer” your loyalty

Price does not generally offer best price in my experience. And beides it would be nice to know the other options at a glance.

Also I have heard that some corp/individuals offer to buy your LP, not in a literal sense that I contract them LP for ISK, but I believe that they may had over any neccesary additional items (if any) and then you get the item in the LP store and then sell it back to that person at a given rate. So they may offer a guranteed 1100 LP/ISK conversion

But the volume is so low in other places, you don’t even want to look at it.

remember : you SO value of items is NOT what you actually get for the item. What’s the point of having ONE item sold per month ?

I tried to seed the other markets with orders, the same price as in jita. My orders died : I payed broker fee for nothing. And that’s when nobody was cutting me everyday. I just removed my toons from other markets because it’s costing me more than it’s netting me.


I was thinking it would help with selling to buy orders, may not be as much LP/ISK but if I can get over 1k it would be good.

I hear you on the volumes though, Jita does have the the best volume so you can get rid of quicker when goign to seller orders.


If it’s 2k in Jita and 1k somewhere else, there is no point in going somewhere else.
What’s more, even with BO, the volume of BO being places is usually lower somewhere else.

you can get some volume in amarr for better prices but the volume is so inconsistent I don’t know if it’s worth it or not.

and fwiw a lot of my volume in amarr is because jita gets sold out and someone was buying it to move to jita.


So, ive been smashing out a few missions and have approx 250,000 LP with this particular corp (over 2 of my characters) and as i look through the LP items it strikes how damn boring the stuff is, especially if you want to try and keep over 1000 ISK/LP.

I invested in a bunch of implants and took them to market which, if they sell will net me 1200+ ISK/LP ratio but there seem little in way of interesting items lol… not sure what I was expecting really. But i was expecting more than having to buy lame implants in order to make up for the lack of ISK earning in missions (was originally saving for a Raven NI but then discovered the ISL/LP ratio was about 480)

I even thought about just using the LP to buy faction missiles for my own use but all that will allow me to do is accumulate more LP quicker when the items seem lame (unless I want to trash standings and go after a load of tags for hardware items like missile launchers etc.

Apart from the above how does selling loyalty points work? I know it is a thing but my bad maths prevents me from working out the details and wonder if someone could help.

This for example

Assuming the price data is correct this is on market in Jita at 67,750.000 ppu

If i buy the tags and T1 Light Missile Launcher from market at 29.6m, and pay the 18k LP and 7.2m to the LP Store I can achieve 17.18.8 ISK to LP ratio. (if it sold at the price shown… a bit less with the fees involved)

But lets say I was prepared to offer Caldari Navy kit from this LP store at 1200 ISK to LP ratio and someone wanted to take me up on that offer for a CN Light Missile Launcher. How would that work?

  1. Would I have to buy the tags etc or would the buyer have to provide those.
  2. I would obviously have to spend the 7.2m getting the item from the LP Store, but then what price would I charge the buyer?

I know this is probably fairly easy to work out for some but these kinds of calculations don’t come easy to me.

I don’t think anyone would go through the hassle of trying to buy that from you how you explain. The only real way is to bite the bullet and buy the item and put it on the market.

As to profitability, yes you have to factor in tags and other things to figure out what will make you the best isk/lp. You also should research to see what things actually sell. Something might look good on paper but if they only sell 1 every couple months…

And honestly math may not be your best suit, but that is part of the game when dealing with LP. I’ve historically not been an excel wizard but I have learned more using it for EVE than anywhere else.

You might find some super nice helpful people, but generally when it comes to eve, nobody playing the LP game (or the market, or anything else in eve) goes very far to divulge their isk making secrets

Even if the ISK they paid was cheaper than on market?

Indeed, didnt think what i was asking would fall under that banner though, it was simply a maths problem, but yeah you are probably right.

Someone would have to buy the tags, trusting that you are a man of your word, get the tags to you. Then hand them over so you can make the LP store purchase, and then pay you the rest.

Does that sound like something that would happen readily in EVE? :smile:

The entire thing about selling anything on the market is a basic math problem. You are never too old to learn :slight_smile:

lol, fair enough, Ive worked it out but it is messy

so in this example, CN Light missile launchers are on sale on market in jita for 67,750.000, with ME buying the tags etc and the 7.2m that is 1718 ISK/LP ratio

I could sell that item (even if I still bought the tags and paid the 7.2m) for 58.450.000 to get just over 1200 ISK per LP ratio (1202.2 to be exact from excel)

I did that by reducing the market price until the ratio was around 1200, so messy as it isnt exact.) untill I work out the exact way I guess this will be the way i need to offer it. No one has to hand me anything then, I can get stuff from LP store and sell at a reduced price, I am sure that if someone was in the market for that items they would appreciate a 9.3m saving per unit (famous last words)

Their SO is not the price you will sell them.
look at BO minus tax.

I was just using the figures as an example, I can see that that item with the figures shown is 1718 ISK per LP. but I am trying to work out what the price woudl be if i was weanting to sell at 1200 ISK per LP, the 7.2m cost at the LP store is the sme, the price of the tags etc are the same, but I dont know how to work out what the market price would be at 1200 Isk per LP

(18,000 x 1,200) + 7,200,000 + 29,610,374 = 58,410,374

You would probably need to buy/farm the tags yourself. It wouldn’t make much sense for someone to hand the tags to you for free on good-faith that you’ll complete the transaction, unless it’s a fellow corp member.

LP exchange is usually for items that don’t need the tags.

Otherwise, you assume the character got the tags himself ; or you can sell him the tags.

Sounds fair, thanks for the help.

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