Loyalty Points


I’m an Alpha and i just joined faction warfare. I read that loyalty points can be converted to ISK.I watched a video on youtube but i still can’t understand how it works.Could someone please explain?

It is quite simple:

A. Go to the LP store.
B. Exchange LP for items in the LP store.
C. Sell items on market for ISK.


OK. So I just got to find an item with a good ISK per LP rate?

Spot on with that.

This website will help you with that decision.

Make sure you look at the quantities that will sell. There is no point getting thousands of something that sells only once a month. Faction ammo and cap boosts are a good place to start.

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Would implants be good?

implants are a good way to move a lot of LP fast, I probably wouldn’t suggest them though. FW stores have a handful of unique items that will probably give a better return. FW stores also get a lower price on navy ships
Navy cap boosters and data cores are probably the easiest low cost things to trade.

I’d just add when looking at items check the spread between buy/sell, and the 5% volume. Having stuff sit on market orders forever sucks. and if you need isk fast being able to sell to buy orders is useful

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