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I have a relatively low skilled alt in Minmatar FW, she managed to accrue 200k LP so I bought up 68 RF Medium Shield Extenders thinking that they would be quite popular. I put them up for sale in HEK and they quickly fell down the pecking order and never sold. I figured I’d move them to Jita for the liquidity of that market, I think I put them up for about 11m a pop, again nothing, In fact I think at 11m I am making a loss on those things with the initial payout. I’ve left them in market for the moment ut they are way down the pecking order.

I am thinking that I may be made an error in purchasing those particular items but I think at the time they were listed as being good ISK per LP. I wonder (maybe naively) if someone can offer any pointers on FW LP points and how to spend them/what to look for.

Before any bulk LP conversion, check the daily turnover of the item in Jita, and also the spread between buy and sell prices (disregarding small quanitites - just look for blocking orders, i.e. big buy orders and big sell orders).

If you are going to acquire more of the item than sells in 2 days in Jita, you are going to have a hard time moving them.

This can work out OK if you are in it for the long haul (e.g. I’m sitting on 20000 Garde II bought during the panic selling following the carrier sentry drone nerf, this is a couple weeks worth of Jita turnover). But you need to be confident in the underlying demand.

Always check datacores and faction ship blueprints. They aren’t the highest return per LP, but the market for them is enormous. I regularly buy 50 to 100 Vexor Navy Issue blueprints at a time (paying 50-55m per print) from GalMil people, and I also often post buy orders for 10000 datacores. I’m far from the biggest player in those markets.

As for your current situation - post a blocking sell order of perhaps 30 units, then a second sell order undercutting yourself by 0.01 ISK, then a bunch of small sell orders (1-3 units) again undercutting yourself by a small amount. This makes the market look extremely contested, which will drive away a lot of competitors.

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hi @Sabriz_Adoudel

Thanks for the advise, I think that more that 140 of those items sell in Jita a day, although didnt check for blocking orders, thanks for your advise on the method to use, I will give that a go and see where it takes me.

from the numbers of items you mention you must have quite a substantial bank of isk to use, I guess I am not confident in the market (just in not sure how to read it), perhaps I should just stick to selling explo loot from my other characters lol

I have a bit over a quarter trillion in total wealth (not including character sale value, more like half a trillion if you count that). Most of that is tied up in hard-to-sell blueprints and other fairly illiquid goods, but I could raise a hundred billion in a month if I had to.

I don’t think it’s a good idea to put more than 5% of your wealth in one basket unless you are very, very confident. This even applies for high turnover items like Vexor Navy blueprints - I was holding 27b worth of pirate faction battleship prints some time ago, when CCP increased the chance for explorers to encounter escalations. This change more than doubled the drop rate of my prints, and so I had to sell very, very fast to avoid losing a lot of ISK.

(That change has since largely been reversed, but prices have not recovered).

Wow, that is a lot of ISK, I think over my total wealth hover between 45/50b (not inc characters) and it’s taken a very long time to get to that level.

I tend to do things at a base level, like manufacturing T2 modules for example to sell initially, before escalations and exploration. I do wonder if my slowness in increasing wealth is just down to my knowledge of markets and how they work etc, ive never really been able to read the market graph for instance and trying to sell outside of anything that is a main hub pulls at my patience strings.

27b of BPCs, that is just a staggering amount.

While I do tech 2 production, most of my wealth comes from buying off meta or temporarily overproduced items, then reselling into hype.

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