Minmatar Republic Fleet / Navy LP Store

Hello, I’m looking for anyone who would like to purchase minmatar republic fleet / navy issue items. For example:
-Republic fleet ammunition
-Fleet Issue ships
-Navy cap boosters
-Customs office BPC
-Etc (here’s a link to what we can offer: Corporation Tribal Liberation Force Loyalty Points Database for eve online)

In terms of pricing, a number of my allies are selling their LP at a rate of around 800-900 ISK/LP, and I would need to offer them a rate of 1000 isk/lp in order to incentivize them to sell to you instead of the Jita market or highsec buyback. I would take a % profit on top of that, and am willing to negotiate on what would be a mutually agreeable/fair profit margin.

All items would be contracted out from Hek, and I may need some downpayment if you are ordering a massive volume of something expensive. (I’m not rich enough yet to buy billions of isk worth from my allies and hold onto it )

In summary: If you want a large stockpile of republic fleet / navy issue ANYTHING that comes from Minmatar FW LP store, whether it’s a 100 datacores or 100 tempest fleet issue battleships, please contact me and we can work something out that is mutually beneficial.