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I am looking for a reliable longer-term partner that is interested in regularly buying mid-sized amounts of State Protectorate LP.

I would like to sell in Nourvukaiken for 1000 ISK per LP. I could offer about 1.000.000 LP per week. You would choose what kind of modules, ships, BPCs or other items you would want, bring the necessary T1 modules/ships to the station and get the LP-Store items back.

I am building an LP buyback for my corp, so I would like to get your order before Sunday 08:00 Eve time. Every next Sunday, you would get your items at the same timeframe. I like to work with contracts, to avoid the need of beeing at the same time on the same station.

I would be commited to fullfil any offer between 500.000 and 1.000.000 LP within 7 days of recievement.

If this sounds like a good oportunity for you, please contact me in this threat, on Discord (Luka Zaharin#9408 ) or ingame (Luka Zaharin).

Fly safe, o7

still selling

Still selling

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