WTS Stuff in Low

just got some Stuff in Lowsec left which i want to get rid off.

Evepraisal - Appraisal 13skfp: 3.09 Billion Buy / 3.4 Billion Sell in Iitanmadan npc Station 2,17b
Evepraisal - Appraisal 13sqwk: 879.22 Million Buy / 1 Billion Sell in Villasen npc Station 615m

Evepraisal - Appraisal 13sqwv: 1.98 Billion Buy / 2.42 Billion Sell in Saranen npc Station

still there, pm me with an offer :slight_smile:

Make me offers guys :slight_smile: price reduced

I have been looking at it, and looking at where it is in low sec to the volume 8M m3 and how I could get it out of there without dying 100 times making the investment worthless. It is always the trouble with items in low sec. Low sec buyback if in business still buys stuff like this. Also, Litanmadan doesn’t exist in the game, which is where the bulk of the items are located. I tried a few different spellings and tried looking around the system for the other two and nothing close to that name, Litanmadan.

Even if you got it to the first high-sec station through Sarenemi, it is still a high-sec island that you have to cross low sec again to get out. And I guess one could look at the back way through Onnamon to high sec it would be several jumps deep.

It’s all useful stuff, just in a hard place to extract as an investment. If I lived in that area yeah no issues, but I don’t, no where close. Wait for a buyer in the area and or see if Low Sec Buyback is still in business.


Thank you for your post, you are right its a hard place for hauling it. I also checked my fault with Litanmadan and now it should be correct, its Iitanmadan (Lonetrek)

price update

updated with some other stuff

2.5b for the Naglfar

bumb @Hammersmashed_face if its not sold the next two days i 'll go for it

Contract for the Nagl is up @Hammersmashed_face

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