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Selling a bunch of assets thats clogging up my asset view, anyone interested, send me a message.
Highsec, is mostly minirals /ore, and modules.
Nullsec and lowsec is mostly Modules.

7 Bil worth of assets in Highsec.
800 MIl worth in Lowsec.
1-2 Bil worth in Nullsec.

I would be offering the following to who ever buys it all.

90% Jita buy order in highsec
80% jita Buy order in Lowsec
70% jita buy order in NPC Nullsec.
50% Jita buy in Sov Nullsec.

would all be calculated by me, and send out as contracts over the next few weeks. can only do 20 contracts at a time. and its ALOT of stations.

I Would make the contracts, with the % discount as noted above, and send a link to Eve appreaisal for every contract i send

How about letting us know what these assets are. Also where are u in null? Could u meet a convoy in null for us to pick up. Ect.

as stated its just modules, i am not selling capitals or officer mods, its just random crap i gathered, that i wish to sell, i seen people before buying random stuff scattered, just can’t anyone anymore doing that

I’ll take the sovnull stuff, contract to my character

I would probably be willing to buy most of the high sec stuff and some of the lowsec, but can’t say for sure until I know what it is. Location is secondary, unless a bunch of it is in citadels.

there should be nothing in citadels, its all in stations, but there is ALOT of them, i basicly done region wide buy order for some modules and minirals and ore

Well, feel free to contract me the high-sec stuff. I’ll take a look, and if I don’t like it, I’ll reject the contract.

I dont think your what I am looking for, I am not going to spend my time for u not to accept , and it is not one contract. Its 100s of contracts

If that’s the case where you talk about hundreds of items as I understand you correctly its more logic to make an Evepraisal or spreadsheets for easier presentation to possible interested buyers otherwise I don’t have a clue what sort of crap you’ve been trading with and what the current market value is.
Do you homework first otherwise dump everything to market on same stations for a low prices and get the fast deals out.
Another way is consolidate stuff in few major npc stations which are closer to trade routs and hubs.
Or firesale everything like 40% off Jita buy orders.


I see this is my mistake. I shall spend a few days and sell it all to buy orders,sry for wasting everybodys time.

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