I am curious - is there a service that buys your unwanted stuff for a discount?

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I am trying to sell some scattered assets from all my characters, most of them in random null-sec corners of the universe. Is there any bussiness man or woman who is doing this service?
I would leave them a huge discount to make it worth their time if they buy all my stuff.

Please link or evemail if you know someone who is doing this.

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As an alternative, try making public courier contracts with high rewards and perhaps those with station access will see them and ship to Jita for you.

(Hipqo) #3

When this hole alpha thing came around, i booted up an old account, deep in null.
Couldnt fly anything i had, so i just made a giant contract, at a discount. Flew around a couple of systems and asked in local if anyone wanted to help me out and make a few isk along the way.
It didnt take long to sell it all.

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