Returning to game, need to sell moderately expensive assets stuck in null

So I returned from a long break, and I used to run a Tungsten Carbide reaction in Null. I’m sitting on about 35 million units of Tungsten Carbide in what looks like is now PL space, along with an Ark and a bunch of isotopes.

The system is relatively dead so I could technically cyno out to low sec, but I’m currently an Alpha so I can’t use the Ark. I’d much rather sell the items since I’m looking to take my career a different direction anyway. As for asset value, I would place it at about 18 billion Jita Sell price, assuming Evepraisal is still a reliable source for relative pricing.

I’ve placed a contract up but I’m worried:

A) it’s too close to market price to be viable sold (16 billion)
B) it’s in a backwater system that might not be visible

My question is how much of a loss would others think is reasonable?

Personally, when buying firesale items I feel 20-30% below Jita is fair, but given the fact that at that discount I could potentially buy a plex within the margin hit of the firesale and omega clone my character so I could just jump to somewhere low-sec and sell most of the assets there.

Essentially I’m looking for opinions or perhaps I’ve overlooked an alternative.

Maybe ask Signal Cartel they seem generally helpful maybe one of their pilots can take your ship so you can sell all the things?

I doubt Signal Cartel could even access the station, to begin with, unless they have standings with the Station onwer.

Why worry about assets on a free to play account?

Why does a homeless person care about their shopping cart of trash? Cause it’s all they own.

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send me a msg ingame i may be able to help.

If you’re on discord, feel free to DM me - Jeronica#8274
Maybe we can work something out, Mogul has structures up in the north, probably near where you are. If you just want to get the Ark to Jita, that’s totally something I can do.

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